Monday, March 10, 2008

You Can Take My Man Out of Boise. . .

. . .but Boise will never come out of him. Not that I am trying to eradicate that huge part of him either. We love it here in Irvine.

It happens starting in January every year. He starts getting a little antsy. I get a call from him at work "Um. . .how would you feel if I went to Boise for a weekend?" Doesn't he know that I have come to expect it? And yet he always sounds surprised when I say yes; even with the busy weekends.

How could I not? He was born and raised there. His parents still live there. He LOVES the snow (which is fine if I don't have to live in it). Its good for him to go alone and work/chill/thrill seek with his family. His parents built a cabin out there and they let Roger work in it when he comes no matter the weather. So here is his well deserved Roger time. Working outside! He loves the cold. The cabin looks over a lake.

The Cabin last October

Going into a cloud on the way home from the cabin.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

30 is Fabulous!

At least that is what I would like to think. I have been telling people I am 30 for a little while now because I almost am. . .well, in November. Never in my life did I think I would want to be 30, yet I also did not think I would look 16 at this point either (with only the addition of lots of little lines in places you will never see). 30 just sounds old enough to have 3 kids in this day and age. Here are some pictures at that age to show I look the same.

(This is for you Kim, who still looks the same age too)

Most people think I should take it as a complement that daily people ask in shock "Those aren't your kids, right?!!" More often than not, people do not say it in a complementary way. I read between the lines "There is no way you are mature enough to have kids. You are a baby yourself."
I know I was young getting married (20) and young starting my family (22) but I also know that a lot of people that young do not know what I know. I know who I am (a child of God), I know what I am doing here (creating a family and living the best life I can for me and my family), and I know where I am going (back to Him to live with my family forever). I have heard people who do not know these things say that they are still finding themselves at 40 and that they were stupid for marrying so young. That's not me. I am so happy living my life the way I am at any age!