Saturday, February 28, 2009


Now that Simeon is my big 4 year old we are starting him with sports. What better way to start than to do something that big brother and sister have never done(for good reason might I add). Today was opening ceremonies but after pictures his teammates left. We signed up to do cleanup after so we were stuck in 83 no hiding from the sun weather for the duration. After pictures they had a parade where each team got to run in front of their fans (parents and other teams). Simeon was VERY sad to be the only one from his team but wanted to represent anyway.

He was soooo cute and so not shy when he ran the run the others ran with their whole team and coaches. Most people had stopped really paying attention by this point but all were clapping for the boy running all by himself. He did ask if I was running with him. Not a chance. The video is really shaky because I am laughing and walking (read-wobbling) behind him. Anybody surprised he was not shy? Good Fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Radical Valentines Day

Is it too late to post about Valentine's?? I have been feeling a little unmotivated to write lately. I guess not THAT much has been going on to want to write about.
We had a fabulous time at an Elder's Quorum 80-'s Valentine's Dance. Who cares that I am huge- I boogied like there was no tomorrow. How often do you get to dance??
It was a perfect evening with awesome friends and perfect timing for a last hurrah. Our ward was split in 3 yesterday along with the other wards in our Stake. I will miss the easiness of seeing great friends!!!
I think most of the pictures speak for themselves.

(Can I say that the girl facing me is due almost a month before me)

(yea- break dancing:))

We let the kids come out of the babysitting co op we had at the church to dance. Josh and this totally cute girl were fantastic dance partners!

Where else would you store your cup?

Great Fun!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baptism Day

Joshua's baptism day was such a great day.

Of coarse we missed the people who were not there but were so grateful for the people who shared this special day. Jt felt loved and felt like this ordinance was important enough for people to travel to come to. What fun it was to have all these people at my home for a couple days! (not all sleeping though) Honestly, I was felt so blessed to be calm and relaxed the day of the baptism.

We LOVED sharing this day with awesome ward friends.

Josh and Grace's teacher for the second year came too. I love that she knows how important it was for both of them.
We moms put together a nice spread of food for all the people people that came to the baptism. Not only did we have have family there but we had many people from our ward come support our kids. We had over a 100 people (maybe even closer to 150?). I really felt like we had the miracle of the loaves and fishes because not only did we feed everyone but I brought home what felt like more than I made.

Josh with Roger and our dads.

Scripture reading before bed was fun too. Not everyone even made it into the picture.

What a great day!

Big is Back

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

J is for Jet

I should be napping to prepare my body to clean the house for the rest of the day to prepare for 13 guests coming for Josh's baptism this weekend. I will in just a second. I'd just like to share how cool Roger is. I asked him if he had boxes to make jets for preschool today and he made these rad jets. He is awesome!
We have had fun at preschool with D is for Dinosaur(volcanoes) and V is for vegetables(taste testing). I forgot to take pictures of those but the jets could not be passed over without documentation. Good Fun!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My January Projects

I have been blogging for 2 years!! I honestly didn't know if I would keep it up but it has become a part of my life. I love sharing with family and friends near and far the little things going on in my life that could easily have never been shared. I really think that you know me better because you know these things about me and my family. I love blogs!!

You will probably see a lot more blogs about giveaways I have found. It goes with my obsession with fabric and if you blog about giveaways then you have more chances to win. The giveaway today is over at The Fabric Shopper with Matatabi Japanese Fabric. I am thinking the fabric would go to making baby shoes for the new guy.

Here are the projects I finished in January:

This is a quilt I started in November for Simeon. I put it away because I needed to work on other projects and because I was having difficulties machine quilting. My inspiration came from a blog that I LOVE for ideas and tutorials. If you are at all interested in learning how to quilt, jump on over to Crazy Mom Quilts. My Christmas quilts came straight from her too. This is a Ragged squares quilt ( "eye ball" quilt) which is perfect for the non perfectionist me. I am making matching quilts for Jt and the new baby boy with their favorite color highlighted. Simeon's is light blue.

Then I jumped back to the second Christmas Quilt. I originally was making the 1st one for me and the second one for Roger's parents but time went by and I knew the second one was not going to get done. Unfortunately, the second one is soooooo much better than the 1st but she won't trade me. The Crazy Mom Quilts post is here. (She did a much better job making it random- I really tried!)

The back:

My 3rd quilt is Joshy's quilt. His favorite color is light green. If you look close enough you will see that when I took the picture I was not done hand stitching the binding. It is done now. Once again I did a MUCH better job the second time around and have learned SO much about quilting this month and I am hooked.

The machine quilting on shown on the back:

Also today Jt was given this awesome quilt by his primary teacher for his baptism this coming weekend. She is so amazing and has been my go to person for my questions about quilting.