Sunday, April 17, 2011


Look at these boys who have joined our family! Aren't they cute!? Aren't they lucky to have a brother so close in age?
At this point they are noticeably different in age but soon enough people will ask of they are twins. Michael is still definitely a baby with no hair, 2 teeth, and no verbal skills but he is a big boy.

With only 6 inches and 6lbs different, Michael is catching up. I am pulling out clothes for him that are size 12 months. Levi just grew out of them!!
aaaaaand they are done taking pictures.
They are so lucky to have older brothers who LOVE them too!

I first published this post without this paragraph. I have been thinking about how I am doing having 5 kids and figured some of you where wondering how I am doing too. Some days I love having 2 babies. I really do love the cuddles, the kisses, the new learning on both our parts. I love their smiles, their laughs. I would never take back having two babies so close together.

Some days I wonder what in the heck I was thinking having 2 babies so close when I already have 3. I get bored with the routine. Not bored because there is nothing to do but because there is too much to do that is not fun. There is too much cleaning, too much "entertaining", too much poop, too much cooking. Some day I want to just cry in bed. Those are days like yesterday when Levi hurt his leg again and I really thought it was broken. It just makes me tired. I don't cry in bed. I just keep going and doing.

It is just a wonderful challenge to make sure I am doing the best I can at making sure these kids are being taught the best things. They need to me to be nice. They are good kids that just need direction everyday. They are awesome. Life is awesome but tiring :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Inevitable

I think it was inevitable that at least one of my kids would have glasses.

Fortunately it is the one I trust a little more to not lose them or break them. Plus, he loves looking more like a "nerd" :)

Since I am on the subject of Jt, I mine as well brag a second cuz he is so cool. Today was the awards assembly and he made honor roll, and he received an a award for having over 300 accelerated reader points (kids with over 25 and 50 got awards and then there was Josh), and for getting the highest Math grade for all of 4th grade in a Math a thon. What a kid!

So proud of Rory too for getting an Achievement Award. What a gal!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Levi is 2!

I can't get this kid to take a normal picture to save his life
Oh, what to say about Levi. . .he is. . .fun. . .busy. . .full of energy. He is not mischievous, stubborn, or naughty on purpose. He is ready to be a big boy and do what the big boys do.

He is actually calming down quite a bit. When we first moved in with Grandma and Grandpa T he screamed a lot. Happy, mad, sad, glad all required this very high pitched scream. It was a head exploding scream. All of us worked really hard to teach him how to talk because it seemed his lack of communicating was causing the chaos. I would have to say the plan worked and he is much easier be around.

He loves to give kisses, laugh and play play play.

He just discovered trains and is in LOVE.

I love the new words he pulls out of his hat daily and how he brings me his sippy and says "no ni night" over and over to make sure I understand that even though he wants milk, he is not going to bed.

He know what he wants and like most kids, it involves sugar.

I love this kid to pieces.

Enjoy the video of the birthday cake and his awesome reaction.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Break

This time the break involved this very very dangerous object onto the very very hard surface:
and involved this very quiet, mellow child:

Since then, she has calmed even more down and only sits and reads books all day long.

To make matters even more hilarious, she broke it the day Levi got his cast off. True story.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring (gimme a) Break

Well we didn't go swimming or go to the beach but my children ended up being burned much worse than they ever did in Cali. Look at this sad face.

Jt was swollen for a week. He did not look like himself. When the swelling went down, they all had sores on their faces. I am sure you can guess what did them in.

Over spring break they went skiing twice. The second time it was SUNNY. They had so much fun with their dad but they had such sad faces.

Another day was free screen time day and another day we went to the Discovery Museum. another day we made owls. Aren't they too cute? The kids play and sleep with them too and they makes all the fuzz while cutting and sewing worth it.

How do I get so much sewing done? With a lot of "help" :)