Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shed a tear and then feel blessed

Another Boy is joining us. Rory won't paint sister toes or share pink and girly clothes. But boys are really SO much fun! Now we have 4 and we are done.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Less Paper Towels

My Jenny Girl (yikes- I know lots of Jenn, Jenny, Jennifers- which one could it be??) asked how I am using less paper towels. I had to figure out when I was using them the most and it was 1)cleaning 2)food prep 3)food serving. Those things just seemed much easier with paper towels but was it really that much easier? I decided to try out not using them and see if it made too much more work.

I grabbed my huge stack of microfiber towels that were generally only being used for car washing and started cleaning with them. Can I tell you- they scrub much better than paper towels! I use 1 or more in the kitchen a day and then toss them in the wash at the end of the day. We were using a lot of paper towels on cleaning day. Now I have the kids trained use 1 for each chore that they do. I love to see this: because then I know I have the family converted.

We always grabbed a paper towel to make a sandwich and whatever meal prepping we did through out the day and then threw them away after each use. Cutting boards were only used to cut on and they never stayed out. Now I take one out in the morning and it stays out all day or until it is dirty. Typically the food we are prepping only leaves crumbs that can be brushed off into the sink.

Lastly, when the kids at the counter they usually ate off a paper towel. Now they eat off a plate which is easy to just stick in the dishwasher. If you look at the next post's 1st picture you will see this in use.

These ideas are not even close to being a original. I think I was just stuck in a habit that I didn't want to change. Now I don't even think twice about it and we consume soooooo much less paper towels. I will add that the I only use them for uncooked meat and milk types of cleanups. Those are just too gross to have on a towel. Simeon actually grabbed one the other day when he had a bloody nose :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 Kids at Play

It is so fun to see the 4 kids eating and playing together but something is missing. Can you tell what it is?? Look very carefully.
(I love how the chalk keeps on going and going)

(Levi loves being at the table and the kids are great about making sure his paci stays in his mouth so he does not choke on Legos- but that is not what you are looking for)
You didn't see it? If you have not heard already

Baby #5 is coming in Sept!

When I can look past my tiredness I am so excited :) Part of the excitement I must admit is knowing that I am done. No more morning sickness, last time having huge fluctuations in my size, and there is a light at the end of tunnel of all things baby so I can enjoy it a little more. This baby was planned on in case you were wondering and the kids are so happy but sad this is the last one. We are anxious to know what the gender is so we can plan and be rid of all the things we have been holding onto for coming children. I am sure you can guess what they are all crossing their fingers for.

Is this what Lego playing sounds like at your house? They play for hours!