Monday, April 28, 2008

SCARY Disneyland!

I guess scary can be fun! We scored free tickets to Disneyland and spent the whole day there partly with friends and had a great time. We have not been since Simeon was a baby and he had no idea what he was in for. He ended up loving roller coasters and not being thrilled with the scary rides like Snow White. Joshy had some issues with roller coasters but loved the "scary" rides. To each his own

Rory was chosen to be Jedi in training. She was picked to go first to fight Darth Mal. She had no idea what she was being asked to do. Look at the guy. I would be scared too!! Good Fun!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Training Wheels!

We were at the playground the other night and Roger did was Roger does; He took the training wheels off Simeon's bike. Not my baby!!! Simeon did it! He rode with out training wheels at the age of 3 years and 5 months. Roger ran next to him the 1st run. The second run he started him and let go. I started running after him scared for his life but he didn't need me. Funny how that happens. He stopped in the grass, climbed off, and asked for his training wheels back on. I guess the scare was a little too much. This picture is him whizzing by my camera phone. Good Fun!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a View!

It is so exciting to get free things. In this case it was free tickets to see Phantom of the Opera. Pretty awesome huh? It was fabulous show and I could hear it really well. I just didn't bring my glasses and we happened to be in the very back row in a very large concert hall. I fell asleep at one point. Don't get mad. I had no idea what was going on onstage because everyone was singing their own song at the same time and I am not all that familiar with the story. It was still a fabulous night. Good Fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Peas in a Pod

We got a new used Desk top computer so we gave our beat up laptop to Joshua. He has been a little detective finding out what every program is and what it does. He has actually made some pretty cool "movies" on Power point and has explored things we would have never let him touch on our computer for fear of him busting it. He actually messed up our Word program pretty bad and I didn't even know that was possible unless you have a term paper due in 5 minutes. He might become a computer nerd like some family members. Who knew? Good Fun!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Couple Pictures

What kind of person are you? Do you take pictures and leave them on your camera for years? Do you take pictures, print them and leave them in boxes? Do you half hazardly put them in albums? Or do you go all out and have a scrapbook that is out of control? Do you still use film???

During General Conference this weekend I organized my pictures to get them ready for putting in albums. The kid's pictures have been organized but my pictures since birth are either badly organized or are in boxes. Here are a couple I thought might be of interest to a few who read my blog. If you are in my pictures and do not want to be on my blog let me know!

Have you watched Pushing Daisies?? It will probably not be on again until the Fall but you can catch episodes on the web. I thought it was hilarious and creative but then I again I am biased. I love Kristen Chenowith and know the main character Ned, otherwise known in real life as Lee Pace. This picture is the year he moved to my junior high and this is the theater class we were in and mercilessly teased. He was teased for actually doing theater in the class full of jocks and I was teased for. . .well. . .not being well endowed. Did I use the word "well"? I mean just endowed. Good for you Lee for ignoring the teasing!!

Here is part of my family at age 13. Big and blended. I can't remember if we all lived under the same roof at the same time but most of us did. Good fun is two words for what happened there and there are a lot more! Everyone is all grown up now and all over the place. Miss ya'll!

Lastly here are some pictures of me with short hair my sophomore year of college. These were my college girls! Love ya girlies!! I loved having short hair but I can't see doing it again. I met Roger this year.

Good Fun!!