Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No 3 Arms

In case you were interested in a picture that does not have 2 kids with three arms/hands- here one is- just in case you are into that kind of thing:)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Rest of October

I had some fun with Photoshop and the Pumpkin Patch

This photo is a collaboration of 4 photos merged together.

Decorating for Halloween

A Halloween party with my Ghoul, Skeleton, Fortune Teller, and baby that was too big for his costume

Good Fun!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wanda and Zelda

I need to back track a bit on my blog. I have been wanting to share this party since we had it but I waited for pictures and then when I got the pics I slid away from the blogging world. So with out further adieu. . . I hosted a Wanda Witch Party. I have mentioned a website I LOVE before called No? Sheesh, I should have. On her site she posted a Wanda Witch party tutorial 2 years ago. I was interested but did not embark. Last year I really wanted to do it but with all the Prop 8, Lights on Broadway, Trunk or Treat, and such, there was no possible way but I did ask my good friend Amy of she wanted to co host with me. Being Amy, she of coarse jumped on board. We bought some things for the party at the after Halloween sales and kept it on the back of our brains. Come July this year, we were ready to get the party started and here it is in its abbreviated form. 50 couples from our newly organized ward received this invitation (BTW- when I converted word docs to pdf to jpg to put on the blog they came out blurry- of you click on them they will enlarge)

If you can't read it, it is an anonymous invitation to a Wanda Witch party. That's right! No one knew it was us.
After we had the couples RSVP we had around 23 couples including us because remember, no one know it was us so we were able to play along. We divided the group into teams really trying to put people from each of the wards that were put into our new ward into 1 group. Mix it up right? We also selected a Team Captain and gave them instructions. We challenged the groups to pull pranks on other groups to win points

Some pranks were Vaseline under door handles, bird seeds,

writing on cars,
saran wrapping cars,
and my group made caramel onions.This was a fabulous way to get groups together before the party to get to know each other better. The Orange Group, the Menacing Monsters pranked 14 people, 1 of which was not even coming to the party to get them back for not coming to the party.

We then all met at a nearby gazebo to start the race.

Then the 46 of us jumped in the cars and took off.

In the cars we worked on clueslike these
and looked for hints at each location

and looked for ingredients to our witches brew

Our group went to the wrong pumpkin patch (I might have led them astray)
but we made it to the right one- Martha, you are too cute!

Each group had to take a creative picture and the winner got an extra point. Unfortunatly the winning picture is lost on the taker's computer. They were unique and the rest of us basically had the same idea

The group that made it to the ending location 1st took a picture showing how "bored" they were waiting. Might I add here that this group lacked a certain amount of honesty :). My co host was in this group and was powerless in controlling her group with out giving it way that she was the boss.
They surprised the groups that came after them.

Then we had a PaRtY! By this point, everyone new who Zelda (my co host) was because the party was at her house. They had to vote to decide who Wanda was. Sadly for me, almost everyone knew it was me. One person used my computer at my house and saw my emails (we switch off babysitting and she had brought my kids home). Martha knew because she thought she could not come anymore and I told her but then she decided to join. There were a couple more like that but the rest were just guessing. I guess it had Kelly written all over it.

Even though the 1st place group were clear winners, we had a tie breaker anyway. A person from the 1st 2 groups had to eat the caramel onions. Again, the orange team were clear winners

This was such a blast that really helped a new ward unite a little more. I know of more pictures that have not been sent to me that were hilarious but I could not wait any longer to post about my party. Too Fun!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

6 months

I know this is typical but I can't help feeling shock over Levi already being 6 months. All of his yummyness has been around for half a year. He is the normal, grabby, drooly, hungry, suck on my chin, screechy, smiley baby that I gush over multiple times daily. I am so grateful that instead of having 4 sassy children, I have 3 sassy children and 1 baby who lives off my attention. Here is my babe (with drool on his chest- if I waited to post these until after I figured out my new program that can remove that, it might have been another month:)

My BFF made this splendid hat for my stud. Love it!! Its on sideways but doesn't that make it supa dupa cute??
Can I just how much he crazy looks like Joshy.

I don't know why he was so giggly but he was so easy to photograph tonight- sorry its sideways

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Disney Expo!

My kids were asked by a friend who works for Disney to participate in a fashion show at the Disney Expo. They had so much fun but they also knew they had to work hard for the $$ they earned. By working hard I mean being quiet and listening to instructions. It was even more fun to be there with friends.

Josh really liked looking at himself in the mirror.

In all, it was I who had to work hard especially for Simeon's quick change into his Buzz costume in 1 min. Because I was helping him I was never able to see Josh and Rory on stage in costume. Total bummer. This was so my much fun!! If you want to see the video of Simeon at the rehearsal go here. Here is the rehearsal for an end of the show song. Simeon was killing me!