Sunday, April 22, 2007

National Bingo Night

Roger and I were in the audience for a new game show taping on Friday night. The series airs on May 18th on ABC but I do not know when we will be on. The audience paticipates in this show and although we did not win, I am sure you can spot us. Hopefully we won't look too goofy but odds are I do.

Train ride

There is a park nearby that a local train hobby group runs trains at one weekend a month. According to Roger, they are not miniature trains but 20 gage trains. We went yesterday much to Simeon's excitement. Each ride is about 15min around desertish hills and curves, over and under bridges. Simeon screamed in a high pitched manner when it was time to leave even though we went twice. You might want to turn your volume down on the video.

Monday, April 9, 2007

March Madness

March was a fun month! It was warm many days here so we were able to go swimming a few times. Our passes to the San Diego Zoo ran out at the end of the month so we went a couple of times. We love the animals!

St Patrick's day weekend the kids and I went on a road trip. First stop was spending the night at a college roommate's(Kristin's) home. The kids loved playing together!

In the morning we went to the Oakland temple where my sister Molly was sealed to her husband and baby. It was sooo beautiful! We were to able to see lots of family that day and then went to my sister's grave. It was a great day!

That night went to my dad's home and saw that family there. Went to church with him and came home. I think it was 16hrs of driving in a little more than 48hrs. The kids were awesome in the car as usual but were pretty rowdy out of the car as usual.

Joshy is so cool!

Here are video's of Joshy. The first is part of his karate tournament. The second is him playing the piano. Roger started teaching him in January. He also received the student of the month award(his second award this school year).