Friday, October 31, 2008


I tried to make some mini candy apples with little success. The apples were too wet!

Our Gingerbread Haunted House.

I spent a lot more time with Dino Thunder Power Ranger than my black cat or cucumber with ranch waiting for the costume parade to begin.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No not the Trunk or Treat!!!

Wow! People feel really strongly about Trunk or Treats! Ours just got canceled by request from Elder Ballard because they want people more focused on the Proposition 8 campaign. Being in the Stake Primary Presidency and it is a Stake Primary activity and because I am moderator for a yahoo group with the gals in my ward (70 gals) and sent out the email with the announcement, I have received no less than 65 emails(a few letting me know they got the message) about this and have been on the phone all day. I am on top of the list about being sad but some are MAD! The kids are sad. There is always next year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Living Greener

Don't even think for a second that I am a good person to talk about being nicer to the environment. I am a giant waster. Most of my motivation lately to be greener is related to being more frugal. I am always the pessimist and feel like my little family won't have an impact on the environment. I surely won't become a vegan to help the environment as some granolas say. Lately I have been more concerned and want to share what a waster I am and what I am doing to be better.

  • I love paper towels! I love how clean and easy they are. That one will be a hard habit to break and I am not ready for that.
  • I love Arrowhead water bottles! I love having them in my car and I feel like my family drinks more water because they are always available. I don't like water even from our filter after it has been in a water bottle. I love sharing them with friends when they forgot water on a hot day at the park. We often have extra kids in the car and they can have their own bottle with out me worrying about sharing germs. This one will probably be a little easier to break and is on my list to change when I get the nerve.
  • I love driving fast and having the air conditioner on. I only drive the speed limit in residential areas. Will it really save me that much on gas?? I have been tracking my mpg and I have to say it is not good. My minivan is averaging 15mpg. Yuck!
  • I love the ease of diapers/pull ups. I tried cloth once and it was a nightmare. Maybe things have improved in that area in the last 5 years.
  • I am a consumer. Not that we have tons of money to buy much but I definitely still consume.
Somethings I have adopted fairly easily are
  • I use reusable grocery bags as much as I can. Since I do not have to double bag diapers anymore I don't have a need for plastic bags in the house. They drive me crazy!
  • Recycling here is oober easy. I just need to recheck what can be recycled in our cans and be more vigilant about catching things going in the trash and washing things out.
  • I am unplugging things that are not in use. This is new as of last week. I feel good about this choice and it helps me not be obsessive checking my email when my computer is off most of the day.
  • This one is gross but I was using reusable menstrual cups. If you want to know more just ask.
  • I used to love having lights on all over the house at night but I am turning them off. Just enough on to keep the kids from getting scared. I use a few of the eco friendly light bulbs but could use more.
  • During the summer my kids take quick showers at the pool. This puts the bill on someone else ;) and it alleviates the long showers my kids love to take.
  • I am trying to drive less. I stopped going to the library 20 min away and trying to be more conscious.
  • I use freecycle to keep things out of the dumps that someone else will use. I take hand me downs too.
What do you do to be green??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This beautiful tree is not a tree from where I live. I snagged it from a girlfriend's blog that lives in Connecticut and it made me sad for the falls we have here.
I just want to start out by saying I love living in Southern California. I love being able to go outside most days of the year and that you can plan outside events without too much worry about the weather. I love snow for 2 days and then I don't so I am glad I don't live in the snow. I love not being really poured on hard by rain often. I love not living under clouds all the time. I love that we cool down during the winter. I love that the summer gets hot enough to really enjoy the water.
When September comes I am anxious for the cool down from summer. It doesn't happen. Then October comes and I am anxious for the cool down. Once again, it hasn't come. We have had temperatures into the 90s too many days this month to be happy about.
A couple weeks ago, as I was eagerly awaiting wearing at least 3/4 sleeves, I went outside and noticed a faint smell of fire. Oh yeah, it's fire season. Crap. It is potentially time to keep the windows closed and go outside as little as possible. So much for that.
Last weekend hit and so did the winds. Oh yeah, Santa Ana winds. Crap. For those of you unfamiliar, the Santa Anas come for a couple days every week or so and blow 20-30 mph winds here. This makes the air dry, dirty and well, not pleasant creating a higher risk for fires. When we lived in Fontana the winds were 40-50mph because the wind came from the mountains right there. I was big pregnant with Simeon and could barely walk outside because the wind would resist. We would get mass anounts of tumbleweed in our back yard and were responsible for geting rid if them. I would fear for my life on the freeway because the wind felt like it was going to tip us over. Large amounts of dirt seeped through our windows. Garbage cans blew over making everyones trash fly throught the air. Its not that crazy here but still annoying. Even here we saw trees knocked down. Our normally clean street the day after the winds:
We do have leaves fall here but then comes "Spring". Here are trees nearby that lost their leaves and are already flowering beautiful pink flowers:
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I love So Cal but October can take a hike!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I is for. . .

What is a good word to teach kids about I?? Preschool was at my house today and I had the letter I. I is for Icky. Since I am not room mom this year I had a small dose of creativity with his preschool.
I hid these

In here

The kids tried to help me make this goo last night which consists of cornstarch, water and food coloring. It wasn't goopy enough so I had to boil it to make it really goopy.

Here is what I heard from boys (the one girl here today did not mind)
"This is DISGUSTING! I am not touching this!"
I said
"You have to if you want the treasures"
Poke Poke Poke
And then their hands were submerged.

I had high hopes they would have played with the goo longer but I took what I got. Good Fun!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet Sunday

I slept in today because days like these don't happen very often. No where to go early. No where to go at all! I came downstairs to not Roger's usual Sunday breakfast of waffles but Crepes with Banana "Foster". Yum!! It was a recipe the kids found.

We then watched conference in our pjs while playing legos. Well, with everyone but me playing legos. I couldn't help take notes. I loved the talks.

In between, Roger made us lunch from a recipe Josh found in a Friend magazine called Conference Bean Dip which was really 7 Layer Dip. Josh was certain we had to make it since it said Conference. We watched while we ate. Simeon fell asleep quickly on the makeshift beds he and Rory made in between. Could he really be comfortable on tile?

I hate to admit but Roger and I fell asleep when conference was 2/3 of the way through. I mention it though because I woke to see Josh and Rory still listening silently and using their Conference packets they wanted me to print out this morning. How awesome are they?

I asked them after what their favorite part was. Rory liked that she recognized a scripture Grandpa read to us this last FHE about Service. Yeah! she was listening at FHE and Yeah! she was listening to conference. Josh said his favorite speaker was the one that was hard to understand and he can't remember what he talked about. So Josh.

The day can't go down hill from here right? Well, we do have to have them clean up and that is never fun. What a nice day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I had an ultrasound today. . .

to confirm the due date and I am 1 week and 2 days further along than I thought. The pregnancy test actually came back negative the week before. I had started to guess that I was a week earlier since I was sick a week earlier and am feeling better a week earlier. I hesitate to give a due date since I am always a week late. Here is the one time I will and the rest of the time I will just tell you middle of April. I am due on April 7th, my big brother's bday. Here are my kids, slightly confused at what they are looking at

I am not going to say Yes we are having a boy but I can't imagine that is the umbilical cord. Good Fun!