Saturday, June 30, 2007

River Rafting

Our family went rafting with friends and Roger's brother Cory and his wife Andrea. We drove up to Bakersfield to River's End Rafting. The water was not high which made it perfectly slow enough for the younger kids but gave us plenty of rocks to get stuck on. We had a great day!!

Joshy's Kindergarten graduation

Our first child's first year of school is over! He loved it soooo much and we all(and everyone in the class) loved Mrs. Whippo. She was a fantastic introduction to the public school and I would never expect anyone to exceed her. Funnily enough we have been looking to buy a home and we say "Rory, do want to go to school with your girlfriends or have Mrs. Whippo?" No contest for her. She picked Mrs. Whippo.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Preschool graduation

Rory had her preschool graduation last week which she was soooo excited about because not only was it at Chuck e Cheese but also SHE IS ONE STEP CLOSER TO KINDERGARTEN!! Last year I was bawling about Josh. This year I know she will be in good hands with Mrs. Whippo. The girls loved this song. I need a bigger memory card so I can get more than 15 sec videos on my camera.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Our awesome ward has a Father's Day golfing activity every year. Each class's teacher makes a golf hole for it. Roger especially put time in on our hole and had lots of fun doing it. Unfortunately I had the camera at the swim meet so this picture comes from my friend's blog(thanks Audra). The rest of it did not make it on the picture but it was a ramp(waves) the ball goes down after walking the plank until it hits an island the kids search for treasure on(bubble gum coins). It was a hit!

Joshy has his first swim meet his weekend and had a blast! It was at the same time as the golfing. We were there all morning and will be all summer. All my kids have loved swimming everyday.

The kids did the thing they do. Here they are bringing breakfast to Roger with out help. Well, ok I helped a bit. I had them make sourdough preztels we formed into #1 Dad the night before. Were they edible? I don't know, I didn't try them.

And finally, ignoring my kids making out, we have Joshy's begged for haircut. With all the swimming Joshy was becoming nappy headed so Roger buzzed it off. We will see how long it lasts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hundred Day Challenge

My friend Amy has challenged all the people who frequent her blog to a 100 Day challenge. You can find her page at for details and to start the challenge. For 100 days I will not use unkind words to my kids or watch TV (except for the occasional movie with my man and watching National Bingo Night to see if we are on which incidentally we have been). So what do you say? Can you accept?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Job Rory

Rory has worked really hard in gymnastics not only at skills but also paying attention. Previosly she was in a class where she mastered things faster than her peers and she would goof off and frustrate her coach. Her coach moved her up early and she is doing much better. Their skills are tested biannually and she was just given 2 levels of certificates and is moving onto the next class. Good job Rory!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The egg has cracked!

Joshy has finally done it. He has finally misbehaved at school enough to have a minute of recess taken away. With 2 weeks left he has shown his true colors which before he was 100% behaved at school. His awesome teacher knows how insanely obsessed Joshy's is about his report so she mentioned if he kept up his behavior she would have to write not so perfect things on his report card. That threat did not work as well as my threat of losing Friday night dessert. He must be 6.

And yes, we are still in school.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Many Changes of Kelly

Like most women, I have had changes to my body since giving birth to 3 children. My changes have linked me to my parents and siblings. Growing up I felt, well like I was adopted which I guess is also common. Most of them had super curly hair and bad allergies. I had straight hair and no allergies.

Since Simeon's birth my hair has become curlier and curlier resulting in the thick locks in the picture. Someone at church said "Oh, you have straight hair!" after I straightened it that day and I thought what a strange comment, I have always had straight hair. Not to her apparently.

As I foreshadowed, I have been whining of allergies for 2 years now. They were really bad last month which led me to the allergist. Roger was not sleeping well because of the snoring which I have only done since having allergies so he sent me to get it checked out. (You who have bunked with me may protest. I don't know!) That day I was more clear than I have been in a long time so I was worried I had been spreading colds around the world. He did the scratch test and determined I was off the charts allergic to grass, extremely allergic to molds, and fairly allergic to trees. I thought it was dust or animals but the reaction to those was non existent. Go figure. So at last I have bodily peace.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Father and Sons' Outing

May brought the yearly ritual of the males in our family going to a soccer field with other males to set up tents and camp with the sounds of freeway lulling them to sleep. Apparently my men can not sleep close as Joshy needed his tent set up in the big tent and Simeon's portacrib is hiding to the left.

Roger absolutely loves our bike trailer and uses it often and heavily. It is tearing on the bottom but no worries, cover it up with a blanket and it can last through many more hauls (like wood for the annual corn roast)

Although Roger envisioned more Father/son time, Simeon went to bed early and Joshy participated in stick wars, a much anticipated past time.

So, what did Rory and I do you might ask. We went swimming, went out for yogurt with friends and stayed up late with other male "deprived" females. We talked for a long time about girl things and then saw more nature than our husbands did. Our lovely Lisa hostess set up her HD big screen TV and we watched a recorded "Planet Earth" episode in the dark and loved every minute of it.