Monday, July 4, 2011


After our home was done with the stomach bug, Roger's sister stayed at our home with 3 of her kids.  We hiked Table RockLevi walked a good portion of it.  I liked his pace since I am out of that kind of shape and I was still feeling the residuals of the bug.  I really was fine with this view.
The rest of the group wanted to go to the top.  Lena gave me a break from carrying LeviNice view huh?
Almost there. . .

We made it!
There is a big cross on the top.

Grandma helped on the way up too and Levi fell asleep on the way down
Then we went swimming! Chad met us there.  Roger wasn't all the way better. No pools on every corner here.  We have to pay :(
On Wed. we went to waste management and did hands on projects.
and took a tour. 

Yummy chocolate river :)
After that, all of our guests, grandma, and grandpa got the bug and left for home not quite recovered.  Nasty bug

Friday, July 1, 2011

Right in my Backyard

JT was DEVASTATED to move for a few reasons but much of it had to do with leaving the karate dojo he had been with for almost 5 years.  Since we came, he has been pestering  asking us when and where he could do karate.  Truth is- we are lazy and stingy.  We did not want to drive him twice a week to an expensive dojo and have been putting it off hoping that a better solution would turn up.  Folks, it showed up right in our back yard.
Can you see what is happening past past our crazy English Walnut tree, the fence, Roger, his brother, his dad, Michael and Rory?

Let me zoom in for you.

Yup. Karate twice a week for 2 hours each night for $15 a month- right in our backyard.  Awesome.