Friday, November 26, 2010

A Hidden Post!

I found these pictures in my drafts (today is 2/16) from when we were at Roger's parent house. I don't remember what I was going to say but thought I would share the pics anyway.

Levi LOVES getting bundled up to go outside. That is a real smile peeps.

They made a sledding hill.

and a snowman. Rory is wearing Levi's snow clothes.


JT made honor roll

the kids love raking!

and Jt loves building

Thursday, November 25, 2010

16, 32, 48

Yesterday was my 32 birthday. When Roj and I went to bed, he came in and snuggled close and fell asleep within seconds. Close as in arm under my pillow and breathing on my neck. I can't fall asleep that close and in fact, we have a King size bed because I can't sleep being close. I can handle hand holding and that is about it. I thought, good grief, I am 32 years old today and maybe from here on out I can sleep cuddling. Why not? That made me start thinking about being 32 and how that may be 1/3 of my life if I take after my mom's side of the family. Only 1/3!!

That made me start thinking about 1/2 of my life ago because there is no point in thinking about 32 years ago. I can't remember that. At 16, I did the normal things. I started "dating" and driving. I lived in a home with my mom, stepdad, 1 bio brother and sister, and 5 step siblings. I shared a room with one sister and we were really close. I had my own cat and some fish. I worked as a hostess at Outback Steakhouse. I was in the choir. I ate chicken fried steak everyday at school (and had it for my bday dinner last night). There was always some sort of drama going on.

Thinking back on highschool, I realized I forgot how unpopular I was then. I knew everybody and was friends with everybody but aside from my boyfriend(s) and family, I wasn't real close to anyone. I had a best friend since birth but we were not super super close in public settings. I remember days walking around at lunch not really knowing who to sit with. My best friend had other friends, my siblings had their own friends, even my boyfriend(s) had his own friends. When I did find people to sit with I often felt like an outsider. I dealt with depression.

At the time, if I were asked what I thought life would be like in 16 years, I am sure I would have said married, a bunch of kids, a marine biologist that works with sharks. I fulfilled the most important part of that and am living a life I always thought I would.

16 years is so long ago and so much has happened for bad and good. My sister died. That was never supposed to happen. Sorry, did I really just go there. I will stop. I never meant for this to be a sad post. I don't have a sad life. I have a great life with an awesome husband and amazing kids.

Life changed when I went to college. No one knew I was a dud in highschool and I became more popular. I had a lot of fun and went even overboard Freshman year. I am not proud of who I was then either.

I started liking myself after getting married and having kids. I finally felt like I knew who I was and what my role in life should be. I became even more confidant in myself and even liked myself.

When I moved to Irvine, I had it all. Great family, great friends, great hobbies, great self esteem. I was never happier. Rory asked me yesterday what my worst year was and I answered quickly 7th grade. She asked me what my favorite year was and I took some time and answered 2008. Life was calm, peaceful, and fun. I felt loved all around the board.

See why it was so sad to leave Irvine? I know life will be great here too I am sure but Irvine was where I found happiness and fulfillment.

I can't imagine the next 16 years having as much change as the last and I don't want it to.

I fell asleep in Roger's arms last night and I might do it again sometime.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Poor, Neglected. . .

Blog/5th baby/whatever you feel neglected by me. We have had such major life changes in the last few months. Not only did we have before mentioned baby who was 12lbs 15 oz at his 2 month checkup. . .

but Simmy started riding a bus! Just Simmy because Kinder is full at the local school.
Roger got a new job up here in Boise. We stopped by Robyn and Grey's house for a week which as turned into 6 weeks and counting while wait to close on our house. Great Grandma Lucimae has been living here too, Chad was here for a few weeks and their live in help for Lucimae. We have really packed ourselves in here.

I spend a lot of time with these 2 bugs.

and we spend a lot of time with grandmas. How cool is that??

Jt really loves his little baby brothers and is so amazing with them.

We have had a holiday here and everything

I miss my crafts big time but was able to use Robyn's sewing machine to make Rory's robe.

In the next week or so we should close on our fixer house and then we will get to work. The previous owners foreclosed and took everything!! We were able to get a great deal I love the huge yard and location.

Until then we will hold tight and enjoy being in a 4 generation home with amazing people, get to know our ward and neighbors better, excel in school and get bigger or smaller depending on who in the family you are talking about.