Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am not a baseball fan by any means but who could resist tball when you get this kind if excitement.

Visiting with friends was such a wonderful treat too.

We loved our coach. Can I say I love your husband Sarah and it not be weird??? I got teary eyed a few times from how good he was with the kids. Might have been the hormones.

And the icecream after all the games was almost as cool as the tunnel the boys ran through at the end of the game.

But maybe not as cool as this bobblehead trophy
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Levi 6 Weeks and a Small Project

The kids have been asking why Levi does not wear church clothes so I appliqued a tie on in 5 min. Roger's sister Emily was here and she was experimenting with appliques so I had to try a little too and it could get addictive. Next time I will finish the edges.

Chubby Bubby at 6 weeks

Here is what our kids do when Roger Levi and I are napping on a Sunday afternoon.

Plenty of people ask how I am doing with 4 kids. I love having Levi in our home. The kids adore him and are very helpful. He sleeps well so I am not a walking zombie which is great. I am not getting all the things done I was getting before but that's just fine. I planned on that. Everything takes more planning especially leaving the house. I had it easy with independent children so I am having to do less me stuff like sleeping in, taking a long shower, shopping alone, 2 hands for doing most everything, doing my nails and such but thats okay. I get this sweet baby to cuddle and love. It is more work but it is worth it and I have yet to have a hard time. You know what I mean. Those moments where you feel like something in you is going to break either your heart, your mind, your arms, your brain, or your kids. Ok fine- I will admit to feeling that way once right before we had out of town guests but Roger jumped in and I only felt that way briefly. Roger is a stud. I would probably feel like breaking if I did not have such a helpful husband.
Besides- things don't get hard for me until they are moblile. Than its nasty fun:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who is (S)He?

All my kids and some of them are repeats- Now that I have posted I realize I how easy this is with the kids pictures on the side- shoot.



C ( I know, duh right?)





Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Couple Projects Down

My bag:

and a bag for a friend's babyshower

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fragility of Life

We have had a bird's nest outside our door most of the time we have lived here and have enjoyed the sound of itty bitty birds chirping to be fed by their mother over and over. Roger came home last week to find a baby bird dead on our front walk. The next day he came home to find this bird struggling in our new sprouts growing in the flower pot below the nest. As he was putting this bird back and as I have watched my baby go from newborn to 1 month old, I am struck by the seeming fragility of life.

All of our us can go in an instant from life to death. Before you think me morbid I want to add that even though we can change so quickly, most of us are fairly hardy. Take this chunk.
I have to remind my older children that he is still very new when they roll around on the floor with him or decide they are strong enough to carry him around the house.
For most of the many injuries people sustain in life, we heal really well and can over and over.
Thank goodness for all Mom's on this Mother's Day who kiss all the hurts and teach their children to be safe. We are fragile but we are ok.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Projects I am Drooling Over

Well, my camera broke. No more pictures of my yummy baby. For a little while. If you want to compare kids, he is fussier than Rory and Simeon but not as bad as Josh. Nor does he seem to need/want as much sleep. I would still say he is an easy baby and lets me sleep well at night. He usually only wakes up once and it is 4-8 hours after I last fed him. He never has crying jags but is fussy most of the time he is awake. Because he doesn't sleep as much during the day and he is fussy, I am not getting much done. The basics are happening and the house is clean but not much on top of that. I have enough time to drool over projects but not time to do them. Maybe if I purge the ideas here, I will stop obsessing and know that someday will get here soon enough.

Long Summer Dress (Top Left)

Shoulder Bag(bottom one in the picture)


Pillow covers for the couch

Baby Shoes

and the probably never going to happen

Sigh--- I am sure there is more I am not even thinking about at this moment