Friday, February 29, 2008

Cough it Up

Josh was sick last week and Simeon this week. I took Simeon to the Doctor yesterday and she was so sickened by his throat and bad breath (another story) she decided to put him on antibiotics despite his quick throat culture coming up negative for step. She took another swab at his throat and it came out bloody (sorry for the image if you don't like yuck stories, don't read).

He had a fever so he knew he was sick but his fever was gone by the time we went to the doctor and he said his throat did not hurt. Of coarse he does not think he needs medicine because "I all better. I not sick". He tried the medicine yesterday and ended up spitting out the last bit I was trying to stuff down saying "I don't want a lollipop!"

He just earned a Webkinz today and as we sat down for lunch I said "Simeon, you need to take your medicine or I am taking away your webkinz". He let me pour it in and he let it all come out along with other bits of food in his mouth. I picked him up and put him in bed where proceeded to cry. . .cough. . .cry. . . cough . . .spew!
I threw him in the shower, took off his sheets and put them in the wash, put new sheets on his bed thinking "What a Punk! How RUDE to throw up! I have heard of kids doing that but not my kids!" I calmed a little bit and tried to see it from his shoes. "Mom wants me take this nasty medicine and I don't think I need it. When I just could not stand to swallow it, it just came out. Next thing I new I was being taken upstairs with out my beloved new pet. I lay down upset and I threw up. Maybe she was right maybe I am sick. Why is she so mad about being right?"
I took him out of the shower and put his clothes on while explaining why I was not happy. I put him in bed and he went to sleep like an angel. Good Fun.

Monday, February 25, 2008

On a Tree

We were so excited last Monday! Our family went on our first official bike ride with everyone riding. Simeon was such a big boy! We road a couple miles to a nearby toy store and he never stopped to take a brake nor did he complain.

Naturally we had to wait for him a bit. One of those time we were on a fairly busy street on our way home. Roger, Josh, and Rory rode up to the stop light and got off their bikes to wait. I left Simeon behind a little bit and met up with the rest of them since the sidewalk was separated from the road with grass and trees. After I caught up I turned around to look at Simeon. There he was, off his bike peeing on a tree near the street with cars and bikers passing him. He walked away from the tree with his pants still at his ankles and fell over in the grass. We were too far to help but close enough to die laughing. If only that were the first time he has bared all in public to relieve himself. He never even gives me warning. He just whips it out.

On a similar note, last Sunday Roger took him to the bathroom during Sacrament meeting (yes- we took him before). Our building has 2 chapels and the side of the building we were sitting on we have to walk down a long hallway to get to the bathroom which is next to the other chapel with a meeting the same time as ours. They were gone for a long time and I had to leave for a Stake meeting (yes- I had to leave Sacrament meeting for a Stake meeting- kinda weird).

Finally Simeon came in without Roger. I asked where Papa was and he said "I dunno- he's lost". I left the kids with someone sitting on our row and told people in the foyer to let Roger know where Simeon was. I walked down the long hallway for my meeting and someone asked me if I found Simeon. I guess other people were looking for him too. He had left Roger at the water fountain, walked into the wrong chapel, walked past "our pew" on the other side of the room, not seeing us he walked to front, walked out the door in the front of the chapel, walked down the long hallway on the other side of the building walked across our chapel and sat down with me. Poor Roger kept looking for him in the other chapel until I let him know. I can hear my sister already! "You left his side- what if he ran into the street!" Well, I believe he would not run into the street because he is afraid of cars. He is just not afraid of baring all. "Didn't you guys learn from my son when he was 3 and you took your eyes off of him for second and you lost him at Provo Towne Center wearing a batman costume!" Yea well, its not the first time we have lost a kid who we thought was right next to us. Chances are, its not the last. Good Fun!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

IUD birth control

Sorry guys for this post. Without being too technical I wanted to voice my opinions of IUDs with and without hormones.

I love IUDs! They are the best solution for easy birth control. You have it inserted (only mild discomfort) and then you are done. No taking demonic pills daily or what nots. I had the Paragard (lasts 10 years with no hormones) between Rory and Simeon and then after Simeon I started researching Mirena (lasts 5 years and has a small dose of hormones). Knowing that I do not handle hormones well I was skeptical but found very little about women having a hard time with the small amount of hormones. I liked the sound of little to no periods and possible blemish control. My OB had never heard of anyone having problems either and actually preferred it. I decided to try it.

My OB distracted me while doing it by asking how life was. I said "I can not imagine life being better! I love everything!" She was surprised but I was really that happy!

I did not tell Roger I was getting the one with hormones because I new he would blame every bad mood on it. I wanted to test it first. After a few months I was fine so I let him on the test.

Shortly after life got hard for no good reason. I was yelling at my kids ALL day and was very unhappy. The only good thing was Roger but he was major concerned about me. He majorly wanted me to take out the Mirena but I did not want to blame my bad behavior on it. I made sure I was doing EVERYTHING I should do physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. When Roger I started to not get along I thought back to the question the OB asked me and my response and here I was 8 months later hating everything for no reason.

I switched my iud to Paraguard much to my OB's dismay. She could not figure that was the problem. Within days I felt SO much better. I have never gone back to feeling that way. At a subsequent visit my OB told me she has heard of others complaining too.

So I will say, I LOVE PARAGUARD IUDs. If you have never had issues with hormones than you should not have a problem with the Mirena. Good Luck!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Idea #1,267,948

Just kidding. I don't keep count. I have noticed that even though I think my ideas are fabulous, I don't think many people try them out. That is what seperates my blog from other more useful blogs.

Here is one that has been fantastic for our townhome dwelling family.
I took (from a sport's store)

and added (from Ikea)

and made (in my bedroom)

for hours and hours of

Good Fun!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh to be 100!

I have said time and time again that I would not want to live to be 100. Its really too old and way too many things could be wrong with your body. My great grandmother died a few years ago at a whopin' 101. Poor girl still had her brain intact but could not see, hear, or walk. Not a fun body confinement. I was SO happy for her to be done with the mortal life. On Roger's side, the brain is the 1st to go (sorry grandma t). Their bodies are healthy but they can't remember anything that has happened recently. I just don't think I want to be around that long.

There are the special few who have it all up until the end. How does a 97 year old man still travel extensively and keep his schedule full of meetings and activities? He has the mantle of the Lord. Our prophet on the earth today passed away last Sunday. President Gordon B. Hinckley lived a very full life until the very end because Heavenly Father needed him to.

I have been trying to write this blog all week and I do not feel like I can express myself well. I loved this man. I felt like I new him personally but when I think about it I realize I have never sat down and had a conversation with him. Honestly even though I have been in the same room as him it has only been with thousands of other people too. He was an easy man to follow because it was easy to see him as a prophet. I have a testimony that he was a prophet of God and the things he taught were true and came from Heavenly Father.

That said I was happy to see him go. Don't get me wrong I cried the mourners cry but I would not want to live to be that old especially if Roger has already passed on. I know that he is happier where is and that makes me happy for him. I also know that a new prophet will lead us. We will not be left alone and will be well cared for.

Here is a tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley Prophet Seer and Revelator.