Thursday, January 5, 2012

How the heck are all 5 kids sitting on one side of table so splendidly (despite the horrible pic)

Roger made us a bench!  I had some yellow chevron love.

I had some more yellow love in the deep dark recesses of our stairs and basement.  We have lived in our home one whole year now (!!!) and Roger's mom and I finally painted that ugly space.

Whoa! right?  Crazy yellow I know. It took me a year to try to figure out a paint color and when we got our hands on some free paint we added some of our own- a lot of different our owns.  Then I went to Home Depot and they added more color to fix the color we damaged and then I still had to add a couple gallons of white paint and this is what we have.  Sorry- after all that- I love it.

I even stood on a really tall ladder despite my distaste for heights.

Did you notice a bit of the other change in the pic above? Our original desk looked like this:

Then Roger built me this:

Then I hit The Container Store when I went to Cali last summer and got deck out with some of these:

Since I am showing you around I should show you what I finished yesterday- the window seat cushion!

Not quite sure how I feel about it.  It wasn't what I had in mind but the kids love the fabric and I had it (remember the owls?).  It was really tricky to sew with too.

This is what I was thinking for the top:

 I was never going to use black in here but I found a cute black box.  

Did you notice the weird fabric laying out 2 pics above.

 I am toying with it to see if I like the fabric for another fabric box.  

 Things are movin along