Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walk Through Part 3

After I show you the after shot, just remember this is still a room in the making. It's only Part B.


We had recessed light and new windows put in. Love those both soooo much! I have mucho macho hours searching for the right curtains and rug. Mucho. I am very happy with the ones I chose. More decorations will come over time.

Plan C will be built ins Roger will build along these lines:

I made the pillows (only one shown?) and the grey curtains this last week. These frames were made with the other ones right before we had Michael and moved

This table was Roger's, mother's grandmother's. We are "storing"it for a little while which makes me nervous. I am new to the tablecloth world.

This is my pathetic desk that will be changed to built ins at some far future date. A new monitor is on the list too.

Since you asked about some I will tell about all
  • We made the frames. I will dedicate a post to that.
  • The accent backsplash in the kitchen is from Modwalls
  • The subway tiles are from Lowes
  • The counter is Caeserstone in Concrete from Rock Hard Granite locally
  • The cabinets are from Western Idaho Cabinets
  • The kitchen curtains are Sanctuary by Patty Young
  • The bathroom curtains are Michael Miller Grey, Citron and Black
  • The White Curtains were Pottery Barn Clearance
  • The Orange Floral curtains are Urban Outfitters
  • The Gray Ruffle Curtains were made from Ruffle Fabric
  • The rug is from West Elm
  • The White Bird curtains were from World Market

Friday, February 18, 2011

Walk Through Part 2

People- Part 1 was nothing (except for the frames you guys obviously love!) Are you ready for this??

The best thing about having 0 kitchen is starting over with everything I want. The hardest part is picking it and staying in the budget. Roger was amazing and swindled for the things I wanted.
Like the cabinets and counter(Caeserstone in Concrete color). I looked at a bajillion backsplashes before finding this one. It took fuh-evah to put in and was hard work!

Sorry you have to see my trash and recycling but I love it and the location we put it in.
The sink is too small (my bad) but was a fab deal as was the faucet.
I made these curtains. I can't sew straight lines!
We have a few deep drawers which is awesome.
You would not know how cool this wall is just by looking at it. How I wish I had the before shot. The wall on the left was not there and the wall with the pic on it was a half wall. This allowed everyone to see that bathroom in there and the electrical panel. what? Roger and dad extended the wall and made the new wall and door creating a place for my computer and privacy in the bathroom and noise reduction from downstairs. You will see when I show off the family room that the table is right behind me. Table, bathroom- gross. The stairs and downstairs family room are the last rooms needing paint.
What was that pic? Another one our pictures.
Did you see past the other pics on the hall wall into my room and see this pic?

Super fun!

Here is that bathroom at the top of the stairs. It is so very tiny but fits a sink, corner toilet, and shower.
and the other curtain I made. So pretty!
See you again for Part 3 and there will probably be a Part 4.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Progession of Weather

2 days ago the weather was in the 60s. It was glorious! Yesterday, I was sewing and I heard thunder and wind. I went to the window and I saw hail start falling. Huge hail.

A couple minutes later. . .

Seriously a couple minutes later. . .
and just a few more minutes. . .
This morning, my kids walked to school in this. So pretty!
and came home like this

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walk Through Part 1

Welcome to my home!

Come in but I want to start out by telling you that this is part b in the process of our home. I reaaly don't want to give you disclaimers on ever picture about how this that or the other is going to change. Just know, a lot has and a lot will. Go ahead and shut the door.

Here is the living room Roger and his dad added doors to so that we can keep the piano music in and the noise out for reading and what not.

The view out the front window

Lets keep going. Here is the boring entry closet.
It's full of winter gear.
Down the Hallway we have more pics that we made before we knew we were moving.
These are built ins that were already here. We retextured the walls, painted the walls and the trim and had to put all new closet doors on all the closets.

This is the 1st bedroom belonging to Simmy and Michael.

What do we have here?
Roger put built ins in the closets.
Hey Simmy, what are you reading? Good choice!
Next is Levi's, guest, and toy room
Hey baby! How did you get in here? (That's your diaper pile Jenny B. :)
We have never had all the kid books in one place before. While I was unpacking I felt like we had too many books! Love it though.
Dude, gimme the toothpaste!
Across from that bedroom is the hall bath.

And through my room is the master bath. Hello sidekick!
Here is 1 before shot of this bathroom. The rest are still hidden on the laptop whose battery port won't work.

Fun stone with mirror broken into it.
Roger and dad had to put this window in and someday soon I will paint the lovely trim.
I love that this is a small jacuzzi. I don't feel as guilty about filling it up to take a bath.
That's all for today. See you soon.