Thursday, May 22, 2008

Be Aggressive- Be Be Aggressive

Rory Quote: "I want to play soccer until I DIE!!!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Webkinz World

Rory's Webkinz

Mi Mi


Simeon's Webkinz

Jink Jonk

Jt's Webkinz




Sarah (the mom)

For Christmas, Grandma Robyn gave Rory a Webkinz. It ended up being her best present and she has spent much time on the computer but even more time actually playing with the little pug. Since then Josh and Simeon have earned their own webkinz and it has been a great. . .for lack of a better word. . .bonding experience for them. These are their webkinz.

I needed to make cupcakes on a day that just happened to be Newhala's (the 1st webkinz to join us) birthday. I decided to let her 2 best buds who were also obsessed with webkinz come over for a very little, silly party. They played webkinz, they danced with their webkinz, they sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes with their webkinz. Sick I know but Good Fun!

Translation: Happy Birthday to you- Cha Cha Cha

Happy Birthday to you- cha cha cha

Happy Birthday ("stuffed animal"- one friend thought it was silly to sing to her) Dear Newhala

Happy Birthday to you- Cha cha cha chicka boom ba- stick your head in hot lava

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Budding Artist

My children love creating art in varying ways.

Jt has been drawing nonstop since he was at least 3 if not earlier and has even taken a few classes. A friend even posted an entry about his art. me know if you don't want me linking to your site and will you help me figure out how to have an enclosure linked to a word cuz I am having a hard time with it :).

Rory is fairly new to drawing and is writing notes to me daily with cute little pictures.

Simeon won't pick up any kind of writing/drawing utensil.

The school district's art teachers picked a kid from each class in the district and displayed a piece of art they made this year at the Civic Center. Rory's work was chosen from her class.

We had two of her class mates in the car this week and she told them and one of them asked why his had not been chosen and her reply was "Well, you're not as good of an artist as me". The girl said "Well, I must not have been able to be picked otherwise they would have picked me". Kids and their egos!

Nonetheless, we are proud of your work Rory and we hope you enjoy doing it!

We had good fun with all the activities they provided for the festivities.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weekend with Family

Here are some pictures from our weekend with Roger's awesome family. This is mainly for them but you can peek too. If you click on them you can make them larger. Good Fun!