Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last of the March Projects

Whew!! Don't hate me. These are the last of the March projects I made yesterday and today. I have plenty more projects in waiting but only these bags had deadlines coming up. The rest, including my new diaper bag, can happen when they happen. So now I have projects finished, my nails done, my hair trimmed, my hospital bag packed, the babies clothes sorted cleaned and put away, traffic school over- I can have my baby. Right.

Matching pillow cases for Rory's new quilt.

Good Fun!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Quilt

I finished another quilt this week! I started it before Rory's quilt was done because I was waiting for thread for the thread intensive quilting. This quilt is for the baby and measures 38X42in. I made it with double batting to make it extra cushy. I quilted in the ditch to make each block standout. I absolutely love this quilt too! Good Fun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just finished this quilt for Rory and I LOVE it. I had to fight with it a bit because the pattern I got from Crazymomquilts blog that I have mentioned before was a little off she found and when I tried to adjust it I adjusted the wrong way, had to trim big time and ended up with 9 1/2 in squares instead of 11 in. . I added another row make up for it. The way I had to cut it made the squares look different too. It is 86 X 86 for Rory's Full size bed.

Rory helped pick out the fabric online. I love the birdies! I love all of the fabric!

Crazymomquilts has fab tutorials and I decided to bite the bullet and jump into stippling(a free motion quilting method). Although it was time consuming it was really fun. Mine is in no way perfect (lots of overlapping lines which is the one major rule not to do) I am pleased with my first attempt. I also used one of her fave background fabrics Muslin and love how it feels. I had to prewash it before for shrinking and I am so glad I did because it shrinked big time. I love how the green binding looks framing the white back.

Good Fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funny Nails

One of my baby shower gifts was to get my nails and I was excited because I only get my nails done if I get a gift certificate. I went today and utterly relaxed as the bubbles and warm water soothed my plump feet and the kneading massaging chair rolled around my sore back regardless of my inability to understand what the nail ladies were saying to me. I just kept repeating "not if it costs more money".
The one thing I knew I wanted to spend more money on was a french manicure. I always only get clear polish on my nails because I am a mom and nothing else stays on my working nails. I heard french manicures last longer so I decided to go for that. I told the gal that I needed my nails shorter so I did not scratch the baby but that I wanted it to look good with the FM. She cut the first nail and I thought it was too short but she said it w0uld look good. I think it looks funny to be able to see skin over my nails.

It came time to pay and I get out my certificate and she tells me it is for a different salon. Wha?? Oh, they were Happy Nails not Lovely Nails. How silly of me to assume. Hence I dub this post Funny Nails. Not happy or lovely. Funny because that is how my nails look too.

I had to hurry to pick up Simeon and and messed up a nail putting my seat belt on because lets face it, it is not easy putting a seat belt on a 38 week belly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009