Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sleepy Head

Simeon is a sleepy head. Today, for instance, he threw a fit at 11am because he wanted a nap and I told him he had to wait until after we picked up Rory from school. Daily this child asks to take a nap. Who does that? When he is asleep, nothing wakes him for a couple hours. I often send Josh to wake him and Josh returns saying "Simeon says he does not want to wake up." On an off day last week he did not take a nap until 4pm. We tried to wake him at 5 and 6pm. At the 6pm time I jumped on him, tickled him, kissed him, talked to him to only hear "I'm not done sleeping". I asked "Do you want to sleep for the rest of the night?" and he said "Yes". And he did. Until 5am. On a Saturday.

When I say sleepyhead I do not mean he like to sleep in in the morning. On the occasion he wakes up around 7am but usually wakes up around 6am. That puts a hamper on my waking up early to read the scriptures with peace and quiet. Thankfully we are morning people and even more thankfully ROGER IS NOT COMMUTING 1 1/2+ HOURS TO WORK DAILY ANYMORE! In fact the commute is closer to 10min most days.

I am changing colors because I am changing subjects because of this commuting business. Roger has never ever complained because of his commute so neither will I but I want to share the positives to the temporary change.

1)Leaving between 5 and 520am is not necessary to beat the traffic. Mostly I never heard him leave. He also will not come home hours later than he should because the train doors closed on his face or the parking lot called the 5 freeway overly backed up.
2) Now HE can be the one to take Simeon downstairs, plunk him front of the TV,and give him his morning milk. Better yet, he can give him a shower,
3) He may even actually see Josh and Rory before he leaves too.
4) He can coax me out of sleep to read my scriptures at 530am. One morning I mumbled under the covers I threw over my head "I can't sleep with you rubbing my back" Yeah, I think that was the point.
5) With him being close, if he forgets his phone he's not screwed for the day. Likewise, if I forget my wallet in his car its not the end of the world.
6) He may be able to break away from work to come to school for say the holiday show or whatever. I won't always look like a single mom because I look so young and I forgot my ring at home. That's priceless.
7) Although we live in a very very safe city and I have a great network of friends I really do feel a little more safe with him nearby in this big world.

This short commute will not last forever so I do not feel guilty that I am enjoying this time. What can I say, I love this man and like him nearby.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Baby is a Sunbeam!

He up and became a sunbeam! What was he thinking!?! He is a baby and has no right. I guess he is 3 and all but still, come on. When Josh went into sunbeams he was 4 days from 4 years old not just turned 3. He had 2 younger siblings already too. Simeon is doing great and is sitting in his seat and folding his arms and such. I guess he is allowed.

PS. Yes, people laughed at me for taking pictures in the hallway!

PPS. I don't imagine there are people reading that do not know I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints but I thought I would mention it any way. If you want to learn more go to www.mormon.org

Sunday, January 20, 2008


FYI- I have just figured out how to change color and size. That and I want to make sure that everyone that leaves comments and/or links to my page knows that we don't want our last name or our city known. Publishing our family to the web has some risks and that is my way to lesson it a bit. Thanks in advance!
Grandma Robyn will you leave your comment again with out saying our last name please?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshua!

We have been calling this fantastic kid Jt for a while and Joshy even longer so calling him Joshua was almost weird. We have a Joshua? What a normal name. Kind of like Kelly.
Anyway, somehow we talked him out of a friend party for the second year running and instead celebrated with cupcakes at park day, dinner and cake with the family and then Roger took him to Boomers the next day. I think he still felt special and that is what the celebration is about anyway right?
Jt has always been a serious kid (unlike his siblings) very much interested in learning and becoming like his Dad. He is the kind of kid that changes very very slowly almost imperceptible. These pictures are 1 a year from 2 on and I can barely tell a difference (except 2007 because those are already on the blog). He recognized all the letters by 2, folded his own laundry by 3. was asking about neurons by 4, reading well by 5, going on miles long bike rides by 6, and playing the piano very well by 7.
He is also very giving. He earned a $50 bill a couple months ago by being a part of a panel asking questions about grocery shopping. I never heard more about the money until I was reading a paper he wrote on the wall at school. He said he donated the money to the American Red Cross collection for homes that had been burned here in Cali. The teacher said "You didn't know? He marched right in and donated it. Is that ok?" Of coarse, if you don't mind the tear coming from me.
He is a very special kid spiritually too. He reads his scriptures daily and always has great questions. He has no fear in bearing his testimony about things he is learning. He truly is a fantastic kid.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

After Christmas Week of Party

Right after my brothers left Roger's sister called to say she was coming! She brought her husband and 4 kids which my kids LOVE to play with. It was a week of non stop playing. The kids have never gotten along better including between siblings. Roger's parents were already planning to come during that time and came for alittle longer. We felt truly blessed to have a houseful and I think they enjoyed warm weather and lots of things to do
His parent's gave us all tickets to the Discovery Science center.

We took a ferry to Balboa Peninsula and played on the beach.
That's Simeon on the crazy high ropes. That was the only place he wasn't cranky that day.

We also went to Irvine Regional park and climbed lots of trees. I am still waiting for those pictures. We played lots of games and ate lots of fun. Good fun!