Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Cried Today

He ran into the house, looked in the mirror and said "Yea!" He is really pleased and I am really sad. Good Fun for him.

Monday, June 23, 2008


School got out on Wednesday!! Hooray to be done with projects! Well I guess I am not done with projects as much as so many projects at one time. I am sad to not have any Kindergartners next year. Josh and Rory's teacher was perfect.

Here are a few:

This is Rory's teacher end of the year gift. I made her one last year and she wanted a matching flower pot. I painted it white, then yellow, then I had the kids put their fingerprints on in their color of choice. They wrote their name under their print in an acrylic paint pen. Roger and I made the prints into bugs and such then put a protective spray on. Super cute if I do say so myself.

More thumbprints! These were memorabilia the kids took home at the end if the year. I used Makit Plate and had the kids in 5 classes (Rory's early and late and the other Kinder early and late and Jt's class) put their thumbprint and name. Roger and I made them look as much like them as possible and sent them in to be turned into plates. Whoever wanted one ordered one in advance. I covered up the name of the school and teacher's name.

As Family Night Chair (with no committee) of the school's PTA I hosted an end of the school year Family Night. After the International Potluck my girlfriend ran we had a yoga teacher teach a yoga class, a Tae Kwon Do studio do a demonstration (I thought it was going to be a class), a soccer coach teach some tricks and run some games, some Indian woman paint henna on people's hand, some game board games out, a hula hoop contest, a free throw contest and bubbles. I ordered some giant bubble wands and bubbles from BeeBoo and filled up a kiddie pool with the bubble solution. I also got some plant holders from a Nursery which were fantastic bubble makers and some other wands. The whole night was fantastic.

I brought the bubbles to school the next day and had them at playgroup at my house Thursday. Good Fun!

After spending the morning at the Lagoon, helping the poor photographer take pictures of the swim team, setting up for the swim team BBQ, and helping with the BBQ I came home and made this bag for a baby shower I jumped over to during the swim meet on Saturday. Good fun!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swim Team is Here!!

I am not sure why I love swim team. Today was stinking hot (98) and we huddled under our umbrella and burned our toes on pavement for 5 hours but it was fun. Josh and Rory rocked today too. They both finished 1st a few times and it was really exciting. I love the community feel. I also love the daily practices. Its a playdate with their school friends at a place where we want to be anyway. The kids shower there so it saves a little on our water bill since they normally take loooong showers. Call us crazy but it is good fun!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Berry Picking

I must either love blogging or I am procrastinating. We drove only 10 minutes to get to luscious free berries with friends. Good Fun!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Words of Wisdom

I think these words are so beautiful and well said

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Crazy thing happened lastnight. Roger went his favorites folder to get to the Wells Fargo Website. Everything looked normal and he plugged in username and password. The page that came up was asking for all his important information which he started to plug in when he got to a question in broken English asking for his routing number. He called in and they said it was fraud and we have to change all of our accounts and get new cards. Crazy! You hear not to go to a website through an email but now our favorites folder is compromised! Beware!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What do I know?

A scouter in our ward wanted to see who would be helpful in teaching boyscouts to get their merit badge. He asked if we knew how to do any of these things. What an an eye opener of things I never knew I never knew. Well, ok, I knew I didn't know about Cinematography or farm mechanics or most of the things on the list. I just didn't know the list of things I didn't know was this long.
How many of these things do you think you could teach a bit on?
Do you think its too late to get started learning such a list?
That would be. . .good fun?
American Business, American Cultures, American Heritage, American Labor, Animal Science, Archaeology, Archery, Architecture, Art, Astronomy, Athletics, AutoMechanics, Aviation, Backpacking, Basketry, BirdStudy, Bugling, Camping, Canoeing, Chemistry, Cinematography, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Climbing, Coin Collecting, Collections, Communications, Composite Materials, Computers, Cooking, Crime Prevention, Cycling, Dentistry, Disabilities Awareness, Dog Care, Drafting, Electricity, Electronics, Emergency Preparedness, Energy, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Family Life, Farm Mechanics, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, First Aid, Fish and Wildlife Management, FishingFly, Fishing, Forestry, Gardening, Genealogy, Geology, Golf, Graphic Arts, Hiking, Home Repairs, Horsemanship, Indian Lore, Insect Study, Journalism, Landscape Architecture, Law, Leatherwork, Lifesaving, Mammal Study, Medicine, Metalwork, Model Design and Building, Motorboating, Music, Nature, Nuclear, Science, Oceanography, Orienteering, Painting, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Pets, Photography, Pioneering, Plant Science, Plumbing, Pottery, Public Health, Public Speaking, Pulp and Paper, Radio, Railroading, Reading, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Safety, Salesmanship, Scholarship, Sculpture, Shotgun, Shooting, Skating, Small-Boat Sailing, Snow Sports, Soil and Water Conservation, Space Exploration, Sports, Stamp Collecting, Surveying, Swimming, Textile, Theater, Traffic, Safety, Truck , Transportation, Veterinary Medicine, Water Sports, Weather, Whitewater, Wilderness Survival, Wood Carving, Woodwork

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beach Camping Pictures

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Good Fun!

Blue Belt Josh

Do you want me to tell you how Rory cut the pocket of a really cute pair of her pants so that she can turn it into a little purse per a craft book she was reading? Or do want to hear how aggressive Simeon was for a few months? Nah, just the good stuff right?

I see blogs as a way to share some of the little things going on with all my family and friends I am not lucky enough to live close to. My dad called and asked what was new and I said nothing and he said "There is no way nothing is going on with three kids in the house" He was right. There is ALWAYS something going on just not things I call home about. To give you a glimpse on my life

This Year

Rory had Soccer and Gymnastics
Josh has karate and took an art class
Simeon is in a preschool co op
Roger is a scoutmaster and has lots of scout outings
I am Kindergarten room mom and in the Stake Primary and and and
Josh and I were in a church production called Savior of the World- awesome stuff
My dad came to town
Roj went to Boise
We went to his sister's house
We had a stake primary activity-Around the world in 80 mins-I did Mexico
Josh got Student of the month in his class
Perfect marks on the kids report cards

Last month

Roger and I went to a Cinco de Mayo party with ward friends
I had a Stake Primary leadership meeting
Roger and his scouts and YW had a very successful Dinner and Silent Auction
Father/son outing
I volunteered at fall soccer registration
PTA meeting
Memorial Day weekend we went to the Discovery Science Center, a movie and something else I can't remember
Josh, Simeon and I got a haircut
Josh lost 2 more teeth
We went Beach camping at San Onofre with Cory and Andrea
I sang a solo at our Stake's Women's Conference

Coming Up

Rory is done with Gymnastics
Swim Team is here for Josh and Rory
Book club, field day, enrichment, stake baptisms, marriage firesides
I am helping with running concessions at the swim team BBQ and meets
I am running another family game night at our school
Last Day of School in June 18th
the kids and I are going to Houston for 2 weeks
and on and on

Another thing I love blogs for is getting to know my local and not so local friends and family a little better. I get to learn their loves, hates, quirks, and funny stories.

Here is Josh getting his blue belt in karate- Good Job Josh!