Monday, January 29, 2007

2006 in Review

I just want to recap 2006 briefly to get up to speed

January- Joshy's birthday was pretty crazy. I was at the hospital with Simeon for dehydration for 24hrs and Roger was swamped at work so Grandma Robyn jumped on a plane and created a great birthday for Joshy. She also helped pack up the house for our move to the other side of Irvine a couple days later.

February- We went to the Sannar's home in Gridley to see the kid's cousin Benjamin be baptised. They have a great big backyard we love to play in. This is Simmy, Joshy, and Benjamin. I also made a day trip to Las Vegas to see my step sister Molly get married.

March- This month was pretty uneventful except for Simeon's laceration. He had a tball tube in his mouth with his tongue inside the whole when he fell onto it. He basically created a second tongue with the soft tissue under his tongue. In this picture we see from top to bottom: lip, teeth, gum, tongue, damage, teeth, lip.

April- Also uneventful(I think our uneventful may be pretty fast paced compared to others). Our camera broke this month so really this is the only picture we have and I stole it from someone else's blog. We went the San Diego Wild Animal park with some friends and were stared sown by a cheetah on a leash. It was awesome!

May- We spent Thanksgiving 2005, Christmas 2005, and Feb 2006(baptism) with Roger's family. In May, Roger's brother decided to marry his girlfriend of around 7 years giving us a couple weeks notice. Fortunately we live near him so everyone came to our hood. They were married next to a very picturesque lighthouse. It was beautiful.

June- June was big time busy with almost no pictures to show for it. We drove to Northern California and saw my dad and went to my step sister Miriam's wedding. The kids and I then went to Roger's sister's house in Gridley for almost a week. We played played played there. Roger's mom broke her leg so the kids and I drove home for a day then hopped on an airplane to Boise to help Grandma for a week. This picture is us in bed with her as she could not get up much. We flew home for a day then jumped on another airplane for a planned trip to Houston for a week. We had a layover in Denver where the next flight was canceled so the kids and I slept in the airport on the ground for the night as that was our only option. Told you the month was eventful. We had a blast there playing with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. Joshy is definitely turned off of Houston as the mesquites ate him alive. Through these trips we have found Simeon gets VERY airplane and car sick. Fun fun.

July- We got back from Houston on the 4th of July and not only missed fireworks but almost had our flight canceled again out of Denver. We had a Little Mermaid swim birthday party for Rory this month which was really exciting. The picture is of her cheating at a sack race. I made fins for the kids to swim in the toddler pool with. Roger also turned 30 this month!! Roger's family was here for that because his cousin got married down in San Diego.

August- The kids participated in a Super Hero Church camp. They had a huge blast learning new songs and how to be humble, be smart, be. . .

September- Joshy started school! I didn't think it would be hard but it was so hard! They tested him before school and he passed everything they learn in Kindergarten. After being there, they tested him at the 4th grade level. He has behaved 100% of the time and has been a great friend. We could not be prouder.

Also Joshua and Rory started soccer. They were not naturals but put in awesome effort. Here is Josh with his teacher and classmate and Rory giving her irresistible thumbs up.

October- This month was crazy busy. I was room mom, soccer team mom, and in a Broadway review with my my stake. The kids were in the show too and did an awesome job. I got to do a small solo from "Wicked" called "Popular" and in 5 group numbers. Rory was the smallest kid but had fantastic stage presence and spunk. She is on the bottom right end.

The other picture is obviously Halloween. We were at the trunk or treat with neighbors. Simeon refused to wear his costume and Joshy was already undressing

November- Some of my family came for Thanksgiving and we went to the zoo. My brother Russell is an awesome photographer. He took this picture of Simeon and the hippo which the most entertaining animal at the zoo in my opinion. Roger and I went to Mexico on a much needed trip alone. We celebrated Simmy's birthday late even though it was this month but don't have any good pictures from it.

December- Santa came a day early so we could drive to Boise on Christmas Day. Our kids are awesome travelers so we made this trip in one. We played with Grandma and Grandpa Titmus and went snowmobiling for a couple days. I took this picture on the snowmobile during a stop of pulling the toboggan. We had a blast! Joshy is definately turned from snow though. We then drove on to Gridley to fit in yet another cousin time before the year was through. We celebrated Joshy's birthday there but that takes us into the new year.

We love life and are very grateful for another year of safety, peace and non-quiet.

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