Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here are some pictures my girlfriend took of our family. Aren't we hot!!

February was a month of babysitting for our family. We watched our friend's 3 kids for 3 days and then the next day Emily(Roger's sister) and Ana(her 18 month old cutie girl) came. Em came for a week before taking off to Europe for 2 weeks with her husband Danny. What an adventure it was to have 4 kids!

Here are some more pictures from February.

This is Rory at Gymnastics. Since this picture she was moved up to an older age group to keep her from being bored and squirelly.

Rory is our resident tree climber. Josh was terrified in this picture and asked someone to help him down since I would not. Rory had already climbed higher than this and climbed down alone.

My brother Aaron came to live in San Diego. Anybody else want to come live here??

Roger finally took our resident train obsesser on the train that is only a couple minutes away. Roger rides this to Hollywood and back during the week.

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