Sunday, September 30, 2007


What a month! I have felt like there is nothing too exciting to report but a lot going on. Then there is the annoying fact that I do not have a real camera so all my pictures are camera phone pictures and not good quality. Waa, waa, waa.

The month started with me getting horribly sick. I think it was swimming at the local lagoon. I was sick enough to require 2 doctor visits to receive fluids and meals and babysitting from my fantabulous friends. My girls took good care of me! I was sick for 2 weeks during which Rory started kindergarten and Josh started the 1st grade. I happened to momentarily feel fine that morning and I knew I was not contagious by then but I was far from feeling fine.

Do not let the pictures fool you. She was enormously excited and jumped out of bed when I opened her door to wake her up.

I decided to try out some new foam curlers in her hair. You remember the kind you fitfully sleep in and magically have curls when you wake? I did not realize how tight the curls would be. She was mortified!

Simeon was devastated to not go to school like Rory was. He walked in the Kindergarten class room like he owned it with his backpack and all. Playgroup started never to soon. There are 2 other boys in the group with these 3. Aren't they cute!

Rory received a trophy for being at gymnastics for a year. Good job Rory!

JT received his hard earned orange belt. He is not a natural but he works hard and concentrates well. His Sensei invited him to be in a small group doing a demonstration at a local festival and he did very well!

I thought this was so darling. The Sr Nursery at church came into primary to sing "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" with them. He is so little and will be starting sunbeams in a couple months!! Crazy!!

Most of the busyness has been due to me being sick, catching up on all the things I missed being sick and volunteering for school things (which I love). I am Rory's room mom, Joshy's soccer team mom(Rory is playing too), and the PTA's family night chair. I have too big events coming up in the next week and a half for that. I was helping be in charge of a music class with friends(30+ moms and their kids!) but it was too much. Something had to go! Are you proud of me? I have a limit!

Life is great and we feel very blessed to be where we are, know who we know, and do what we do.


Shelby said...

Glad to hear you are up and running again!

Dan&Em said...

Hooray! Kelly is back. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Wasn't Josh "doodle doodling", Rory making eyes with Danny, and Kelly convinced her fetus was a Simeon no matter what Roger said, just a wink ago?

Kristen said...

Love the curls!