Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just finished this quilt for Rory and I LOVE it. I had to fight with it a bit because the pattern I got from Crazymomquilts blog that I have mentioned before was a little off she found and when I tried to adjust it I adjusted the wrong way, had to trim big time and ended up with 9 1/2 in squares instead of 11 in. . I added another row make up for it. The way I had to cut it made the squares look different too. It is 86 X 86 for Rory's Full size bed.

Rory helped pick out the fabric online. I love the birdies! I love all of the fabric!

Crazymomquilts has fab tutorials and I decided to bite the bullet and jump into stippling(a free motion quilting method). Although it was time consuming it was really fun. Mine is in no way perfect (lots of overlapping lines which is the one major rule not to do) I am pleased with my first attempt. I also used one of her fave background fabrics Muslin and love how it feels. I had to prewash it before for shrinking and I am so glad I did because it shrinked big time. I love how the green binding looks framing the white back.

Good Fun!


Joni said...

I love the quilt! It's adorable and you are the only one that see's the mistakes. I bet you're glad to have that done before the baby. Rory will be so proud. I like the birdies too!

Michelle said...

Way ta go sista!

amandajean said...

the quilt looks fantastic! i'm so glad that you tried stippling. that's fabulous. my lines overlap sometimes, too. it all crinkles up in the end, so no worries. at least that's how i look at it. congrats on a beautiful finish.

Berly said...

So cute . It is adorable and i love it. I just wish I could be crafty. Maybe it is in me somewhere - I should probably just try.

Molly said...

ur amazing! i need to start being crafty like my kelly! teach me ur pearls of wisdom!!