Thursday, February 25, 2010

More on Living Greener

Remember this post about Living Greener. Well, I have done it! I use 90% less paper towels, no more plastic water bottles, and I now use. . .
I live my life reading all about cloth diaper this and cloth diaper that and it almost made me think that here is where I would tell my conversion story and then I remembered that you guys are not reading this to hear my whole story. You can thank me from boring you with all the details but I will say a few things.

How many times have you stood staring at diapers at the store cursing that you have to spend more money on the thing that will cover your baby's bum for such a short time all the time wondering when your kid would be potty trained so the stincking diapers could stop? Many many times for me.

When I tried cloth diapering with Rory I had just bought a few diapers and washed them all the time. She pooped literally 5 times a day so is was over fast. This time around I bought most of the things from the get go that would help me be successful and I love it. Having the right diapers makes a big difference. See how pretty! (I even have a couple missing- they are dirty :)
"Modern" cloth diapers having amazing features like velcro and snaps. You can also get "one size" diapers that adjust to fit babies from birth to potty training.The right wipes, pail, wet bags, detergent has made all the difference. This contraption has been awesome too!

I will never look back! This just feels natural to me and I have made the investment. Does this use more water? A little bit more. Is it worth it as far as the environment goes? Absolutely. Is it easier on the pocket book? In the long run absolutely- not upfront. Does it open a whole new obsession? Oh yeah!! I would be more worried about the time and water that our mini dishwasher is using cleaning dishes for 5. Don't get me started.


jenerekfamily said...

So, what's your favorite? Do you like the AIO or the OS best?

Michelle said...

Yea! Glad it worked out for you. Love the pic... is that Levi?!

emH said...

Welcome to the club. It is quite the obsession. I can't wait to see when you start producing your own (knowing you that won't be far distant). That is where the real fun in fabrics begins.

The Titmi said...

Jen- Although I like the sleek look of the AIO I don't like the drying time or the fact that he can't wear them for all of his diapering career. I like Onesize pocket diapers the best.

Michelle- Yes- that is my big boy. I have had lots of comments this week about how old he looks these days- sigh

Em- I don't know if I will ever make them. It doesn't appeal to me right now. I kind of feel like I would be reinventing the wheel. I already feel like my list of things I want to make is too long :)

Jenn said...

alright you have converted me! I have always wanted to, but have been scared for various and unsdry reasons. I will have to start saving up now to be ready for number three (oh no, I am not pregnant, just preparing) But I dont' think I will try to convert Lyla...actually maybe it would help her with potty training!

So my big question is what do you do while traveling? How do you wash them on the road or keep them from stinking up the car?

you do realize that you have just dubbed yourself the expert. So don't be suprised when I call you for all the detailed advice I will need! Love Ya!

Jenn said...

P.S. I want to know how you use 90% less paper towels!!!!!!