Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy I Have. . .

As this adventure continues of waiting for our house to close while living with Roger's parents (10 weeks and counting) I am daily thankful and sad for what we have with us and what we don't. My wise MIL tells me "its not what you can live with but what you can live without".

I am happy I/we happened to pack in the van
1- our kids
2- many Aden & Anais blankets
3- Roger's laptop
4- hair straightener
5- fave earrings
6- our camera
7- bikes
8- stroller
9- baby carriers
11- important documents so my kids could go to school

I really, really miss
1- my own scriptures
2- my pump and nursing accessories
3- cloth diapers
4- my sewing stuff, fabric, and crafts
5- my computer with bookmarks favorites, pics, and editing software
6- warm clothes and snow gear
7- 3-6 month clothes
8- 6-9 month clothes
9- rocking chair
10- scout uniform and book
11-friends, friends, friends- oh why did I not pack you!!!

I feel how I feel when I am prego and it feels like I will never have the baby and will be pregnant forever except I really love my inlaws and would love to live with them forever, just in my house with my own things. :)


emH said...

Hmmm,the feeling of displacement. To be put on unfamiliar grounds truly forces humility and can teach you some wonderful things that only go to promote your faith and reliance on our Heavenly Father. Some of us need that shock more than others :) What a great position to be in! Tough, but great. There's a scriptural term, I think, called great and terrible. Although I'm sure that referenced something else. You are a strong woman. You have a husband who loves you and kids that can't be beat. Left hand, right shoulder, right hand, left shoulder... SQUEEZE. I love you, Kelly.

jayna said...

Hello new friend! Now we can stay caught up even though we are in the same ward because I never see anyone but children at church! :) Hope the house process speeds up for you, and I admire your happy attitude about the waiting game! It's hard to be in limbo and missing the "other" life. I've been there. But man are we glad you guys are here!!