Monday, November 7, 2011


Hi. Sorry? October was busy but not busy enough to make me not drop by and say hello.  We did the normal stuff- more canning, creating, cleaning, cooking, caring. . . er halloweening.

Rory and I created this Jellyfish Costume. She won 1st place in the Creative Costume Contest 4th-6th at the school Monster Mash.  That was actually her goal.  It may have helped that her mom can cheer real loud.

Jt created this Robot Costume.  He won second place.  Actually everyone I cheered real loud for won something or another :)  They all had awesome costumes so that may be a little presumptuous. 

Rory danced like she was hopped up on something exhilerating.

This cutey just wandered.

Grandma helped the kids carve our home grown pumpkins.  My dad came for a week and took most of the pics.

We have been playing in leaves.  We have many more to go.

Levi didn't mind at all that he wore a hand me down costume.

Simmy wore 2 years ago costume- hey! its an all new crowd

On Halloween, my rockin neighbor and I hosted a Halloween Party in our joined driveways I REALLY like them.  Here is her house
and ours.  LOVE the trees!!

It was stickin cold that night- almost to cold but the next day it got colder.  BRRR.  We may have to bring it in next year and save driveway parties for warmer weather.


Melissa said...

Great costumes and yard. If I ever want to win a prize, I will have to remember to invite you to come and scream for me!

emH said...

What fun! I love the colors in your yard. Rory's costume looks fabulous. I'm so glad you updated. I love seeing what uplifting things you seem to create, like driveway parties, jelly fishes, and bottled pears.

Kirbell said...

Love the costumes!! And your awesome know which one. Hee-hee.

Kristen said...

I am loving the picture I have in my head of you jumping and screaming for your children. The jelly fish is AWESOME!

Jenn said...

Happy Halloween! What were you dressed as? I wish I had seen!

pcerik said...

Fun! We were not nearly that fun!