Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring (gimme a) Break

Well we didn't go swimming or go to the beach but my children ended up being burned much worse than they ever did in Cali. Look at this sad face.

Jt was swollen for a week. He did not look like himself. When the swelling went down, they all had sores on their faces. I am sure you can guess what did them in.

Over spring break they went skiing twice. The second time it was SUNNY. They had so much fun with their dad but they had such sad faces.

Another day was free screen time day and another day we went to the Discovery Museum. another day we made owls. Aren't they too cute? The kids play and sleep with them too and they makes all the fuzz while cutting and sewing worth it.

How do I get so much sewing done? With a lot of "help" :)


GNGT said...

You have a great helper there. Simmy is a great lap sewer too.
How come we didn't see a picture of Roger skiing?

emH said...

AahhhHaa. How do you ensure his little fingers stay well away? Perhaps I just have precocious kids, but my experiences in sewing with my kids have not been real positive. I'm blown away by how dark Jt's hair is getting. I love his attention to fingering and tempo in the last post. There may not have been a beach trip, but they were outside without jackets (: What about you on those slopes now that you're not physically attached elsewhere? Has Roger taken you on any good dates there in Boise? What are you finding fun to do (besides sew, take care of guests and little babies)?

Jenn said...

It makes me happy to see you sewing.

I love you and miss you.

The Gale Family said...

What inspired the owl project?