Friday, February 17, 2012


There is seriously not much to post about these days nor have there been pictures taken.  In the last month we:

  • have had our fair share of colds and stomach bugs
  • have been pulling Michael down from things 500+ times a day
  • have been skiing a few times (we being Roger, Jt, Rory and Simeon)
  • have had a- dare I say- kind of lame winter.  Snow that lasts for a week then melts into a glorious spring would be divine.  I almost want to erase this line
  • have been on a 29 hour date for Valentine's with a friend's group date, projects, and a road trip to the nearest operable Temple
  • have been working out 6+ a week except when we have been sick
  • have been dreaming and reading and planning and preparing for this year's garden
  • have had 2 extra boys after school since last October- poor Rory!  They are a lot of work too
  • have done very little crafting
  • have been nicely bored
See why I have not posted?? :)

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