Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4th of July Brain Surgeon

This summer we went on many unpictured adventures.  We went to Roaring Springs, swimming, floating the Boise River, Ward Campout, Discovery Science Center, the Aquarium, Zoo, Jumptime. . .um, I can't really remember what else because I did not take pictures.  Bummer.  JT had band class for 3 weeks, 2 scout camps, and wrestling camp.  Rory had the band class and volleyball camp.  Simmy had swimming and tennis lessons.  We also celebrated Rory and Roger's birthdays and Grandma and Grandpa's too with not a single picture taken.

I do however have these random pictures from the 4th of July.

Can you tell what JT is doing?? His is performing brain surgery.  After I gave my children the example of chalk art where you jump in the art, he thought for .2 secs and decided to draw his goal job.  That is the kind of kid he is.

Levi drew his 1st picture- on our neighbors driveway.  It remained their for months because there is no rain in this place.  Sorry neighbors.  I finally hosed it down.

We also played with bubbles, bounced in our little bounce house, and  fired up fireworks in our driveway.

Good fun!

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emH said...

Yeah! It is about time. I love to see/read all the wonderful things you are up to. It is like a letter to me (albeit a mass letter that includes everyone else) and it makes me so happy that you would think to write. I look forward to when we can see you again.