Sunday, May 13, 2007


At Joshy's school, and from what I hear most schools, they have a jogathon. At his school the kids run for 25min and have a mark put on their back each lap to say how many laps they ran. Joshy practiced for the event by running with us. He also was well versed in slow and steady wins the race, breath well, don't stop running and you don't need a sip of water every lap. He was sure he would win. He ran a good pace the whole time and never stopped. He did not get the most laps part because some kids ran faster and part some kids were marked twice on one lap. He didn't really care because in his mind he was a winner. On his own accord, he motivated his friends who started walking to keep running. He grabbed their hands and told them they could do it. He was truly a good sport and made us proud!

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