Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

What a wonderful morning! Joshy and Rory surprised me with breakfast without even Roger's help. I had yogurt with blueberries, carrots with ranch, raw sweet potato sticks, and toast with drawings on it. They were sure pleased with themselves! Rory made me a bracelet and a card. Joshy made a card with tea and a flower pot with a flower. Roger got me a gift card. What a wonderful day!


Hey Maughan said...

This is hilarious! At least it's a healthy breakfast...oh yes, and at least you got breakfast in bed. I'm still trying to convince Brian he needs to teach the kids that is standard Mother's day protocol.

The Titmi said...

WHAT!! It thought that was the whole point of Mother's day! You will have to show him how it is done on Father's Day. Over do it so he gets the point.