Sunday, June 3, 2007

Father and Sons' Outing

May brought the yearly ritual of the males in our family going to a soccer field with other males to set up tents and camp with the sounds of freeway lulling them to sleep. Apparently my men can not sleep close as Joshy needed his tent set up in the big tent and Simeon's portacrib is hiding to the left.

Roger absolutely loves our bike trailer and uses it often and heavily. It is tearing on the bottom but no worries, cover it up with a blanket and it can last through many more hauls (like wood for the annual corn roast)

Although Roger envisioned more Father/son time, Simeon went to bed early and Joshy participated in stick wars, a much anticipated past time.

So, what did Rory and I do you might ask. We went swimming, went out for yogurt with friends and stayed up late with other male "deprived" females. We talked for a long time about girl things and then saw more nature than our husbands did. Our lovely Lisa hostess set up her HD big screen TV and we watched a recorded "Planet Earth" episode in the dark and loved every minute of it.

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jenncheney said...

hey...I'm just catching up on a ton of old emails and saw your message with your guys are amazing!

I love your family pictures...such a beautiful bunch!

Jenn :)