Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Many Changes of Kelly

Like most women, I have had changes to my body since giving birth to 3 children. My changes have linked me to my parents and siblings. Growing up I felt, well like I was adopted which I guess is also common. Most of them had super curly hair and bad allergies. I had straight hair and no allergies.

Since Simeon's birth my hair has become curlier and curlier resulting in the thick locks in the picture. Someone at church said "Oh, you have straight hair!" after I straightened it that day and I thought what a strange comment, I have always had straight hair. Not to her apparently.

As I foreshadowed, I have been whining of allergies for 2 years now. They were really bad last month which led me to the allergist. Roger was not sleeping well because of the snoring which I have only done since having allergies so he sent me to get it checked out. (You who have bunked with me may protest. I don't know!) That day I was more clear than I have been in a long time so I was worried I had been spreading colds around the world. He did the scratch test and determined I was off the charts allergic to grass, extremely allergic to molds, and fairly allergic to trees. I thought it was dust or animals but the reaction to those was non existent. Go figure. So at last I have bodily peace.


Audra Bollard said...

The things we put our bodies through to have our children! Although, I would take your beautiful curly hair over my stretch marks any day! I always just assumed you always had curly hair too!

stupidramblings said...

I had hair as blond as Sim's when I was a kid, so I've always considered myself blond. Except now I'm not. But I think I am.

I don't necessarily have more fun.

stupidramblings said...

Oh, and my hair went very curly about three (3) years before I went bald.

The Titmi said...

I still have stretch marks. There was no either/or!

Rambling man, I thought you just shaved your head?

Dan&Em said...

Are you pregnant again (: ? Pregnancy does indeed do things to our hair and bodies. Sorry 'bout the allergies. That sucks... or blows, I mean, resulting in a chappy nose.

The Titmi said...

no, em, I am not pregnant. Your babe will not have a cousin close in age. Sorry