Sunday, July 29, 2007


Total bummer. I take my camera everywhere lately as you can tell from all the blogs. I even bought a new memory card to take all the long videos. Since I got a bigger card I don't have to unload my pictures so frequently. I have pictures from this last week of Rory's birthday, the Discover Science center, the lagoon, the pool, Roger's birthday, and our day with "stranger's from a far away land" to share. I brought the camera with us to our ward's annual corn roast last night and it disappeared with our KFC bucket. There were sooooo many people at the beach last night it took an hour for people to park. Major, major, major bummer! Last time my camera broke I did not get a new one for almost a year. Isosad.


heymaughan said...

I am a Blake Lewis fan so thanks for posting that. It is also fun to watch videos of your daughter, who is unquestionably YOUR daughter. I'm so sad about your camera. I heard about the missing KFC but had no idea there was a camera involved!

The Titmi said...

Neither did I until I got home!