Monday, July 23, 2007

The Return of Hero Camp

2 weeks ago the kids went to Hero Camp again(see last years synopsis) It was organized by two friends, Amber and Stephanie, who enlisted the help of all mothers of children participating. Each Mom volunteered for at least one day doing either a lesson, craft, or physical activity, and signed up to bring a treat one day as well. They put soooo much time and creativity organizing into the week.

This year’s theme was “Mission Possible - Operation: Divine Love.” Every child was given a T-shirt on the first day and spent Monday through Thursday from 9-12 accomplishing various missions. The children were put into groups according to their ages which were named: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. Rory's age was split in to 2 groups.

Their first day's mission was called “Love of God.” They walked along the iron rod toward the Tree of Life past the temptations in the Great Buildings.

The next day was “Love of Family.” As part of this the parents wrote a letter to each child telling them why they are an important part of their family and about the attributes that make them special. I was in charge of the activity that day and I used my Recreation Therapy major to have the kids play cooperation games to remind them to help people around themand be aware that people are helping them.

Wednesday was "Love of Leaders". The bishops from the wards came and talked to the kids. Then during craft time the children decorated paper hearts and hung them on the office doors of the bishops and stake leaders.

On Thursday the mission was “Love of Neighbors.” All week long the children went through their clothes, pantries, and toys to bring in things they don’t need for those less fortunate. There was also a coin jar where they could donate money to the Wheelchair Fund for children around the world who need wheelchairs but cannot afford one. I was finally was able to part with some of the little people toys I have clung to even though my kids do not play with them much. We were also the ones that got to deliver the food to a local Families Forward group. That was great to for my kids to see.

On Friday there was a closing ceremony where every child received their “Great Choice Award” and a book with some of the papers from their lessons and also the letter written to them from their parents. There were three impressive songs that the kids had worked on throughout the week to sing for the parents. They were written specifically for camp, amazing! Then we went to the lagoon!

Every Mom filled out a “Great Choice Award” Certificate for each child and told of a good choice they had recently made.

My kids loved it and I loved being involved. It was a great week!

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