Tuesday, November 13, 2007

College Girls

A few of my college girl friends got together to chat the weekend away. We played togehter freshamn ear and lived together at BYU off campus housing our sophomore year. Those were some FUN times! I married Roger after sophomore year whicj ended built in sleep overs and shared clothes. We met in Southern California and I introduced them to threading. We went shopping, ate Stan's tacos, chilled in the hot tub, had our nails done and went to Balboa island. We were not completely kidless but had a blast none the less.


Kirsten said...

Fun! It's always great to get away with the girls!

Jenn Keyes said...

Holy Freak'n Cow! How fun to see all of you together. You are all crazy gorgeous! What a great thing, I hope you had fun...Nat your hair looks amazing, I don't think I have ever seen it that long.

Melissa said...

I am a full throttle threader now and you may have even convinced me to be a "blogger"- but I am not promising anything!