Monday, November 12, 2007

Kindergarten Party

Party #3 Kindergarten Halloween Party! We had 3 group rotations: musical chairs, halloween bingo and and a treasure hunt. We then had a custume parade with the whole school and decorated cookies. I came up with the treasure hunt rotation and wanted to put it here so that someone next year who is searching for something like this will find something like this here. I searched and searched and finally created this.
Don't know if you've noticed but I don't put pictures on here with kids in class. Some privacy thing and having to get permission from parents. It's no fun at all because so many fun things happen at school!

Here's how it went. The kids are working in senses right now so I used senses for the clues. The first clue was smell the pumpkins and I hid the next clue in the pumpkin. Next was taste the lollypops and I hid lollypops next to the next clue. Then was hear the music and I hid a cd player with fun, not scary, halloween music. They had to dance to get the next clue which was feel the smoke. I had a fog machine that they had to move through. Last was see the x (treasure) in the orange bucket with brains (spagehti). In the bucket they had to dig through spagetti to get to non food halloween toys like bubbles, pencils, scary eyes and such. Here is the link for the black cats

Scary fun! (in a Kindergarten kind of way!

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