Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshua!

We have been calling this fantastic kid Jt for a while and Joshy even longer so calling him Joshua was almost weird. We have a Joshua? What a normal name. Kind of like Kelly.
Anyway, somehow we talked him out of a friend party for the second year running and instead celebrated with cupcakes at park day, dinner and cake with the family and then Roger took him to Boomers the next day. I think he still felt special and that is what the celebration is about anyway right?
Jt has always been a serious kid (unlike his siblings) very much interested in learning and becoming like his Dad. He is the kind of kid that changes very very slowly almost imperceptible. These pictures are 1 a year from 2 on and I can barely tell a difference (except 2007 because those are already on the blog). He recognized all the letters by 2, folded his own laundry by 3. was asking about neurons by 4, reading well by 5, going on miles long bike rides by 6, and playing the piano very well by 7.
He is also very giving. He earned a $50 bill a couple months ago by being a part of a panel asking questions about grocery shopping. I never heard more about the money until I was reading a paper he wrote on the wall at school. He said he donated the money to the American Red Cross collection for homes that had been burned here in Cali. The teacher said "You didn't know? He marched right in and donated it. Is that ok?" Of coarse, if you don't mind the tear coming from me.
He is a very special kid spiritually too. He reads his scriptures daily and always has great questions. He has no fear in bearing his testimony about things he is learning. He truly is a fantastic kid.



Shelby said...

How sweet is that?! No wonder we are constanly reminded to be "child-like" - I would have had that money spent before it hit my hands! What a neat tribute post for his birthday.

Michelle said...

Aunt Michelle loves Joshy to the moon and back!!

Anonymous said...

Joshy, JT,Joshua the young man of my dreams. Grandma thinks he is the best, kindest, most fun yet serious about learning. Keep it up there is always more out there to learn as long as we keep our eye and heart looking toward our Eternal Father in Heaven and what we need to learn to become like Him.

The Hoyal Family said...

What a sweetheart! He must have great parents! I hope he had a fun birthday!