Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blue Belt Josh

Do you want me to tell you how Rory cut the pocket of a really cute pair of her pants so that she can turn it into a little purse per a craft book she was reading? Or do want to hear how aggressive Simeon was for a few months? Nah, just the good stuff right?

I see blogs as a way to share some of the little things going on with all my family and friends I am not lucky enough to live close to. My dad called and asked what was new and I said nothing and he said "There is no way nothing is going on with three kids in the house" He was right. There is ALWAYS something going on just not things I call home about. To give you a glimpse on my life

This Year

Rory had Soccer and Gymnastics
Josh has karate and took an art class
Simeon is in a preschool co op
Roger is a scoutmaster and has lots of scout outings
I am Kindergarten room mom and in the Stake Primary and and and
Josh and I were in a church production called Savior of the World- awesome stuff
My dad came to town
Roj went to Boise
We went to his sister's house
We had a stake primary activity-Around the world in 80 mins-I did Mexico
Josh got Student of the month in his class
Perfect marks on the kids report cards

Last month

Roger and I went to a Cinco de Mayo party with ward friends
I had a Stake Primary leadership meeting
Roger and his scouts and YW had a very successful Dinner and Silent Auction
Father/son outing
I volunteered at fall soccer registration
PTA meeting
Memorial Day weekend we went to the Discovery Science Center, a movie and something else I can't remember
Josh, Simeon and I got a haircut
Josh lost 2 more teeth
We went Beach camping at San Onofre with Cory and Andrea
I sang a solo at our Stake's Women's Conference

Coming Up

Rory is done with Gymnastics
Swim Team is here for Josh and Rory
Book club, field day, enrichment, stake baptisms, marriage firesides
I am helping with running concessions at the swim team BBQ and meets
I am running another family game night at our school
Last Day of School in June 18th
the kids and I are going to Houston for 2 weeks
and on and on

Another thing I love blogs for is getting to know my local and not so local friends and family a little better. I get to learn their loves, hates, quirks, and funny stories.

Here is Josh getting his blue belt in karate- Good Job Josh!


Grandma and Grandpa T said...

Nice smile Joshy. But I don't see any teeth.

Audra Bollard said...

you forgot to mention that you are also the #1 ward babysitting volunteer, helping almost everyone out in a pinch, and the only Mom at park day who gets inside the play equipment while simultaneously making Luke smile!

The Gale Family said...

Andrew said, "cool!"