Monday, June 23, 2008


School got out on Wednesday!! Hooray to be done with projects! Well I guess I am not done with projects as much as so many projects at one time. I am sad to not have any Kindergartners next year. Josh and Rory's teacher was perfect.

Here are a few:

This is Rory's teacher end of the year gift. I made her one last year and she wanted a matching flower pot. I painted it white, then yellow, then I had the kids put their fingerprints on in their color of choice. They wrote their name under their print in an acrylic paint pen. Roger and I made the prints into bugs and such then put a protective spray on. Super cute if I do say so myself.

More thumbprints! These were memorabilia the kids took home at the end if the year. I used Makit Plate and had the kids in 5 classes (Rory's early and late and the other Kinder early and late and Jt's class) put their thumbprint and name. Roger and I made them look as much like them as possible and sent them in to be turned into plates. Whoever wanted one ordered one in advance. I covered up the name of the school and teacher's name.

As Family Night Chair (with no committee) of the school's PTA I hosted an end of the school year Family Night. After the International Potluck my girlfriend ran we had a yoga teacher teach a yoga class, a Tae Kwon Do studio do a demonstration (I thought it was going to be a class), a soccer coach teach some tricks and run some games, some Indian woman paint henna on people's hand, some game board games out, a hula hoop contest, a free throw contest and bubbles. I ordered some giant bubble wands and bubbles from BeeBoo and filled up a kiddie pool with the bubble solution. I also got some plant holders from a Nursery which were fantastic bubble makers and some other wands. The whole night was fantastic.

I brought the bubbles to school the next day and had them at playgroup at my house Thursday. Good Fun!

After spending the morning at the Lagoon, helping the poor photographer take pictures of the swim team, setting up for the swim team BBQ, and helping with the BBQ I came home and made this bag for a baby shower I jumped over to during the swim meet on Saturday. Good fun!


Emily said...

Wow Wow Wow!! We've been unconnected for a while, and oh what a joy to finally catch up with your family! How you do it all, I have no idea. I can only sing praise for super kelly! We miss you guys.

Jenn said...

You are amazing! I truely don't know how you do it. You are super woman to me. I can hardly handle cleaning my house, and giving my girls baths on a regulare basis, let alone, be comittee chair and going swim team and making teachers gifts and bags for a shower. I love you and look up to you super-mom. P.S. we are coming down for two weeks starting on the 1st of July. Can we see you?

Berly said...

I can't believe all of the crafts. I love the thumbprint pot. I have no idea how you have all that energy, oh yes I do. You have ALWAYS had that much energy!!