Monday, July 28, 2008


I know people out there that are OCD about cleaning. I am not. I like to keep a clean house but if you look close enough you will be able to tell that I do not have a really high standard. I also know a few people who do not make their kids clean at all. My kids have to help clean. Josh has always been our kid who usually keeps his room clean and organized just the way he wants it. He can tell if someone moves something 2 inches. Josh rarely complains about chores and just does it. He has been able to fold his laundry since he was 3. Notice I say able because I don't always make him do it.

The other day I told the kids that if they wanted to go to the Lagoon and have a Swim Team party all in one day they would have to extra help me clean. They already have to clean their room and do a chore each day and on cleaning day they have to do an extra chore. Josh cleaned both upstairs bathrooms, wash and dried all the bathroom rugs and towels, and then he started dusting. He took all the things off the piano and end table and dusted all of it. I grabbed the camera when he was taking all the books off this book shelf and dusted them and the shelves.
He then organized the desk drawer.
Then when Roger came home he helped Roger make some things with wood.
Don't think for a second this is the only time he has done something like this. So, if you live nearby and want to hire Josh to clean, I know he would be more than willing.
PS- I have also trained him to iron for me on the quilt I am making- That is priceless and Good Fun
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Grandma and Grandpa T said...

I could use Joshy at my house. What would it take to have him come for a week. Grandma T

The Hoyal Family said...

Can I adopt Josh?

molly said...

you slave driver!! haha just kidding. i love ya. you're a great mommy.

Audra Bollard said...

Did he come this way or do you know some parenting trick that I do not to get him to do this? My boys are NO help in the cleaning department . . . but maybe you've inspired me to start demanding more. I'm trying to imagine Luke folding laundry . . .