Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simmy is Four???

Simmy hit a new level of confidence in the swimming pool yesterday so I told him "You did that like a four year old!" He said "I am 4 now!!" and told everyone. I laughed a little about his desperation to be 4 but am finding real value in it. Since he is "4" now HE has decided he can:
-Swim by himself (not quite there yet so that's a bit scary)
-Get dressed by himself ( can't seem to get his shirt off yet)
-Wipe his own bum (again, scary)
-Put his car seat on alone (almost)
-Wear flip flops (if only they would stay on his feet long enough to walk)
-Ride his bike without training wheels (yes, we digressed from earlier post and let me add that if you can not walk with flip flops you can not ride a bike with flip flops)

Here is what I would like him to do by himself on top of being proficient at the previous list
-Pick up after himself
-Stay dry through the night
-Have any desire to pick up a writing/drawing utensil
-Carry his own backpack after he has filled it up and taken it along somewhere
but I am dreaming

Although he has not asked for a birthday party he has asked for presents. By my calculations he is exactly the age he is because he is wanting to be older.

While I am writing about his big boyness I will share a cute video of him. He often asks Roger to give him a piano lesson while we are still eating dinner. This particular lesson he had been playing with Roger for 15 min before I pulled my tired bum from my dinner chair and got the camera. By that time he was done with the lesson and I had to cajole him into sitting back down for a little more. Good Simmy Fun!


molly said...

ohhh cute simmy..... with his long hair! what did i do???? roger is a cute daddy.

Emily said...

You mean I still have years of bum wiping?! I am so impressed with his individual finger wiggling skills, and knowing what number they are. Wow! I miss you guys.

Lena said...

how did his hair grow back so quick? :)