Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This beautiful tree is not a tree from where I live. I snagged it from a girlfriend's blog that lives in Connecticut and it made me sad for the falls we have here.
I just want to start out by saying I love living in Southern California. I love being able to go outside most days of the year and that you can plan outside events without too much worry about the weather. I love snow for 2 days and then I don't so I am glad I don't live in the snow. I love not being really poured on hard by rain often. I love not living under clouds all the time. I love that we cool down during the winter. I love that the summer gets hot enough to really enjoy the water.
When September comes I am anxious for the cool down from summer. It doesn't happen. Then October comes and I am anxious for the cool down. Once again, it hasn't come. We have had temperatures into the 90s too many days this month to be happy about.
A couple weeks ago, as I was eagerly awaiting wearing at least 3/4 sleeves, I went outside and noticed a faint smell of fire. Oh yeah, it's fire season. Crap. It is potentially time to keep the windows closed and go outside as little as possible. So much for that.
Last weekend hit and so did the winds. Oh yeah, Santa Ana winds. Crap. For those of you unfamiliar, the Santa Anas come for a couple days every week or so and blow 20-30 mph winds here. This makes the air dry, dirty and well, not pleasant creating a higher risk for fires. When we lived in Fontana the winds were 40-50mph because the wind came from the mountains right there. I was big pregnant with Simeon and could barely walk outside because the wind would resist. We would get mass anounts of tumbleweed in our back yard and were responsible for geting rid if them. I would fear for my life on the freeway because the wind felt like it was going to tip us over. Large amounts of dirt seeped through our windows. Garbage cans blew over making everyones trash fly throught the air. Its not that crazy here but still annoying. Even here we saw trees knocked down. Our normally clean street the day after the winds:
We do have leaves fall here but then comes "Spring". Here are trees nearby that lost their leaves and are already flowering beautiful pink flowers:
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I love So Cal but October can take a hike!


The Gale Family said...

You could always come hang out with me for the month. :)

Berly said...

I am sorry about your OCtober. That would make me very sad, but I am going to be very jealous of you weather in a couple of months when i am freezing cold!!

Grey said...

Idaho is abosoutely georgous in October. 70-80 degree weather, no wind, sunny days, great for outdoor picnics, walks, fishing, biking, hiking. We love it here in the fall.

Amy said...

I don't know why but it surprises me every year. Just when I think we're heading into cooler weather the Santa Anas pick up and it gets HOT. I'm not jealous of those shoveling snow now though. I'd still rather have it this way.