Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th

This is the 1st year in a LONG time we have been home for the 4th. While I was making outfits for my kids. . .(Pop, Bang, Boom and skirt)

. . .my kids were decorating their bikes for a neighborhood parade. I sent them out with materials and did not see the finished product until the morning of.

Not much to them huh? Well, I got the time wrong on the parade and Josh ended up leaving before he could be in it. Was he sad? NO WAY!! He flew to his cousins house all by himself. I barely got a hug out of him. I have been impressed that he is calling on his own from there. I did not even expect that.
This was their first parade. They had fun but I have been really impressed by city parades that I have been seeing in blog land. Oh well.

That night our church had a Celebration with steaks and bands playing. My kids loved dancing to the music.

We watched the fireworks close the church building. They were not so close to freak out Levi but close enough to enjoy. He has been having loud noise issues the last week or so so that was great!


emH said...

When was Rory's leg amputated? heh. Looks like a boat load (or rather bike load) of FUN!

Melissa said...

Darling shirts and skirt!
Happy Fourth of July to you all!