Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Christmas Vacation

Much to my bitter chagrin I can not post the video from our ward christmas party which really saddens me and has been the main hold up in my blogging. I want to stay in order see and how can I skip the video from the ward christmas party??

Anyway, my girlfriend posted her Christmas pics a few weeks ago and said she was the last one to post it. Not true Audra! I have you beat!

We decided to drive straight through to Idaho in one day and I let me tell you- it went perfectly. No crying or whining and we got to Rexburg in 14 hours. Not bad with 4 kids eh?? The drive home was much worse with bad weather, traffic and a baby who had had enough.

We stopped in Rexburg overnight to see Roger's brother's college graduation in the morning. Good Job Chad!

We stayed the night at my sister Charlotte's house and were able to see 2 other sister's that I NEVER see- Miriam and Caitlin.
We then took off for Boise/Pine and spent nearly 2 weeks relaxing and playing. I think the pics can tell the rest

I have to explain here that Josh drove the snow mobile all by himself a few times and only hit 1 tree:)

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