Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simmy's Birthday Party

I usually don't post birthday parties that I have thrown because I always worry that someone that read's my blog will feel like their kids should have been invited but was not. I give my kids a limit on guest and they choose who they want to invite. I often try to persuade them to invite a certain kid and they just don't for whatever reason. Hopefully no one will be offended :)

Simeon had a "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic at the Olympic Games" Party. The boys first colored their goody bags that I had printed a Mario and Sonic on. We then went on to the games. I got most of my ideas from here. We had a Yoshi Egg Toss Event, a Trampoline Event, a Fireball Throwing at a Goomba Event, a Spinning Event and a Pin the Nose on Mario Event. You should be able to click on the pic to enlarge.

I emptied eggs and put confetti in it and markered them up for the Egg Toss. I made beanbags out of fire fabric and Roger painted a goomba on a foam core board. The prize for the spinning contest those noise maker sirens. The kids wore mustaches for the Mario Event. That was too cute!! The cupcake topper was Mario and Sonic pics that I Shrinkey Dinked.

The kids had soo much fun! I threw the party together in 2 days and you could tell with details like decorating but it so worked. I had the cupcakes all nice and neat in a cupcake carrier but they did not hold up to Simeon throwing the container around. Such is life!!

Good Fun!!


Michelle said...

Oh I'm offended. Why wasn't IIIIya invited?!! I so would have won those games. I thought we wuz cool man. Simmy, wuz up?! C'mon... pick ME ME ME! Next time. Right?

emH said...

I'm coveting the bare feet, shorts, and T-shirts in late November. Great ideas! You could set up a blog simply on the ideas you come up with on a daily basis under a different username so no one gets offended if their kid didn't go to the party, because they don't know who threw the party (like the Halloween party you gave). Send R props on the goomba likeness. That looked like a fun project up his alley. BTW, D didn't know that Shrinky Dinks were real plastic thingies, he just thought it was something he and his friends called a really cold lake they jumped in once. I've explained.

Jenn said...

There is no way you threw that together in just 2 day. How many times have told you that you are Wonder Woman?