Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scary 4th

We were at Roger's sister Lena's house for the 4th of July and Roger, Chad and Blane were invited to work on the fireworks show. We all showed up for a picnic dinner and set up and it was soooooo hot hot hot.

I was intrigued with how the set up was done as I had always wondered. I bet most people all ready know but they set the explosives in tubes and they run and set them off in succession.

Because of the wind that day, they set up the tubes to point away from the crowd so the wind could blow them to the best place for people to see.

While they set up, the older kids were able to jump!


The girls


Then we had to wait for it to get dark enough to light them off. I think it was close to 945pm by then.

They also had to wear fire clothes to be able to set them off

The families of the people setting off the fireworks were able to exclusively sit closer to the fireworks and supposedly have the best seat. The wind changed and as soon as they started going off we found ourselves in a dangerous situation. The grounds around us were being lit on fire and people were having to stomp them out. We had 3 adult females and 8 kids in our group and the kids were getting scared and and the women were anxiously watching every firework coming our way. At one point, I was watching the sky to make sure nothing fell on my head when Lena was stomping on fire inches away from my back. We took off for our vehicles to watch the rest of the show which was fantastic from farther away. They guys REALLY enjoyed themselves being so close and setting them off but I am sure we gals and kids will never get that close again.

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emH said...

Heh heh, What a great story. Poor Chad. It looks like the fireworks scared him too (: hehehe