Monday, January 31, 2011

Mushy Brain

My brain is mega mushy. I know they say that being prego makes less blood flow to the brain and I was prego right on top of each other but this is scary and needs to stop. I can't remember a darn thing. I have never had a good memory. I have relied on others to remember stories from that past. When my sister passed away so did a lot of memories. Lately I can't remember that Roger handed me keys 2 min before. I would not say I am having attention problems, just mushy problems. Even word recall has been off. "Jt, can you go get the, the, thing that I use to clean this bum. Its in the other room. On the dresser. You know, the, the WIPES".

I am reading A Wrinkle in Time to Rory for bonding sake. Jt was listening in and after she left he asked what the book was about. I told him it was about a girl who traveled into different dimensions. He chortled. I asked him why. He said because it usually a guy. Seriously? I told him there are women scientist and inventors but I couldn't name any off the top of my head. What kind of example am I being to my son? I told a friend and she said "What about so and so an so and so" I wish I could remember women like that off the top of my head. My brain can't right now. I need to be smarter for him.

I can't find my phone or credit card right now. Not fun.

I have been dubbed the family historian by my dad. I need to start writing a lot lot lot down. Now!

So, what's a mom to do? I can pray for spontaneous brain firming. We had a gal over who is in her 70's and I commented at how well she remembered things and she told me it takes work. Hmph. I suppose this is worth working for. New Year's passed us by without as much as wave nor am I fond of New Year's Resolutions but I will make 2011 (er, the rest of it) the year of brain firming. Is that a odd name? How about:

The 2011 Mind Makeover

1. Wrap my brain around the Scriptures. I believe it will help my overall ability to think. I have been pretty lame about it lately. I will become a scriptorian. Google doesn't like that word.

2. Write in my journal and blog more. I believe writing helps the brain to process words better.

3. Read more. Read something other than blogs and Facebook. Read fiction, non fiction, news, science etc. I believe reading info that like that will help conversing with people.

4. Pick a subject my kiddos are interested in that I think I might enjoy learning about, learn about it and have bonding conversations and activities with my kids. They are smart and I need to keep up!

5. Make my brain healthy by keeping my body healthy. I like junk food but it is junking up my brain.

Is that enough? Is there something else I should include?


emH said...

It doesn't help that you spent several months with an old woman with Alzheimers to make you think about forgetting with extreme dread. NEVER read the book "Still Alice". To say I understand would sound cleche' BUT I SO UNDERSTAND, and it makes it worse that the above said woman contributed to my gene pool. Every time I forget or slack mentally, I beat myself. DON'T beat yourself, Kelly. I hate it when I find myself repeating the same stories to the same people over and over again, because being the new girl, I have no history with anybody, and I can never remember with whom I've established myself and with whom I have not. Do you find yourself there? YES I SWEAR I'M INTERESTING and I used to think of myself as somewhat intelligent. Kelly, you are all that and more. As president of your fan club, I need you to know that humility is a hard pill to swallow, but the Lord only doses it out to those he loves best. Comparing yourself to others only lessens the efficacy of the pill. I apologize, this is long, confusing and windy and I'm vacillating between talking about myself and understanding you. Bottom line... one step at a time. You're loved, beloved, and lovely. Chin up lady. (don't post this)

Melissa said...

I think those 5 things will definitely firm up your brain. I wouldn't add anything else-that's a lot to start with! Good luck and thanks for the inspiration-I need a little firming up too!

Jenn said...

Those are amazing goals. That is plenty! Because, to be honest I would be so impressed if you did even one! You should go read my blog (I know you just resolved not to do that as much, but go anyway) about my knew calling. I used the word scriptorian and it gave me a hard time too! Studying is one of my goals this year too.

I love you!

jayna said...

I've been thinking about this too! It's so easy to slide into lazy nothingness! Good planning.