Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yummy Baby!

Not this kid (although he is yummy and still a baby)

This melt-my-heart baby. He has not gotten enough camera time in his short 5 1/2 months so here he is. Yummmm!

Look at the love in his eye for Levi who won't stay out of the pic!

Oh how I love this baby!! He is really easy going and loves his siblings almost as much as they love him. He was held all the time while we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house so he is adjusting to being put down or carried in the Ergo. He doesn't do any tricks yet but is so fun to have around. He chunked up when I had to start supplementing and it actually made him cuter. I am so glad we laid low for a few months because that helped to not feel like my last baby grew up too fast. I am sure if these huge changes didn't happen and we were back in Cali, time would have flown by with all the busyness of life. Fortunately, he sleeps wonderfully which sure helps to make me excited to see him when he wakes up again :) He's a keeper!


Melissa said...

He is too cute! I am glad you are enjoying your "baby time" with the last one!

emH said...

Melts in your heart not in your hand! I'm comparing pictures of this little guy and his cousin, and my mancub could sit on your mancub and squash him flat. Michael is so cute and little! Thanks for sharing such a handsome little fellow.

jenerekfamily said...

Yeah, that boy is darling! I wish I could smooch on his chubby little cheeks!