Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walk Through Part 3

After I show you the after shot, just remember this is still a room in the making. It's only Part B.


We had recessed light and new windows put in. Love those both soooo much! I have mucho macho hours searching for the right curtains and rug. Mucho. I am very happy with the ones I chose. More decorations will come over time.

Plan C will be built ins Roger will build along these lines:

I made the pillows (only one shown?) and the grey curtains this last week. These frames were made with the other ones right before we had Michael and moved

This table was Roger's, mother's grandmother's. We are "storing"it for a little while which makes me nervous. I am new to the tablecloth world.

This is my pathetic desk that will be changed to built ins at some far future date. A new monitor is on the list too.

Since you asked about some I will tell about all
  • We made the frames. I will dedicate a post to that.
  • The accent backsplash in the kitchen is from Modwalls
  • The subway tiles are from Lowes
  • The counter is Caeserstone in Concrete from Rock Hard Granite locally
  • The cabinets are from Western Idaho Cabinets
  • The kitchen curtains are Sanctuary by Patty Young
  • The bathroom curtains are Michael Miller Grey, Citron and Black
  • The White Curtains were Pottery Barn Clearance
  • The Orange Floral curtains are Urban Outfitters
  • The Gray Ruffle Curtains were made from Ruffle Fabric
  • The rug is from West Elm
  • The White Bird curtains were from World Market


Lena Sannar said...

So is the family room fireplace gone? I saw there was one in the living room. Curious. It is fun to see your home and hard work Kelly, thanks for sharing.

jayna said...

Having seen it for myself, it is impressive! All that sewing and painting is fabulous!!

Jenn said...

WOW!!! I am blown away, I would be in decorators heaven. It has been a while, so I had to catch up, and now I can't wait for part 4. I love all that you have done. How does it feel? Your family is so beautiful, the picture frames are great, and your color scheme is amazing. I sure would love to see a picture of you are you? Happy sewing sweet heart!

pcerik said...

Sheesh! I am officially jealous of all people with a sense of style...I don't really have one, never have, and it's really frustrating at times. Your house looks great.

Heidi said...

I'm drooling. It's gorgeous! Will you decorate my next house for me? You really have a gift for decorating.

And ditto what Jenn said- How are you?